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Below is a summary of the major updates for the latest version of SacCT (Blackboard Learn 9.1 SP 12).
A complete list of updates can be found at the What's New in Blackboard Learn page for students.

New Features



  • Significant enhancements to Calendar allows you to view color coded calendars from courses and personal events in a single view.
  • Due Dates for Assignments, Discussions, and Tests automatically appear in course calendar.

Global Learning Network

  • The Global Learning Network area allows students to connect and collaborate with others within the institution in various ways. 
  • Students can set up a profile to create an online identity for others to view and connect with. 
  • The People tool can be used to find and connect with others within courses and throughout the institution. 
  • Aside from course messages and email, students can use the Message tool to quickly send messages to others. 
  • Spaces can be used for students to communicate and collaborate with common interests such as a group project or social club.

Global Navigation

My Grades

  • The My Grades tool has been completely redesigned and is now in one easy place (upper right next to your name).

Updates and Fixes


  • Accessibility features in areas such as reading threads, test availability exceptions, and content editor math formulas have been improved.

Browser Support

  • Browser support has been improved to work better with the latest browsers.


Grade Center

  • Only graded columns appear in My Grades for students. If there is no grade or attempt for a student for that column, the column does not appear for that student.
  • Easier to read list of columns and grades.


  • Messages now appear in the new My Blackboard tool - just click your name in the upper right corner.
  • Users can now attach files when replying to messages.


  • When taking a test after the first attempt, the screen displayed after you click 'Begin' has been improved to display easy-to-read buttons with your choices. See sample image for taking tests.

Web Links

  • Links to external websites in a Content Area now open in a new window. You may be prompted to open the link.

Last updated: August 30, 2013