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Additional E-mail Access Methods for Sacramento State Faculty and Staff

Preferred Method: SacLink Web-based E-mail

Web-based e-mail is available through Outlook Web Access at


Configure Outlook Client for RPC Over HTTPS

With RPC Over HTTPS you need to configure an e-mail client to get your e-mail. This also syncs your calendar and contacts.

Configure Outlook 2007

Configure Outlook 2003

Configure Outlook for "Exchange" E-mail

Configure Oulook 2011 (In Development)

Configure Secure POP E-mail

With POP e-mail you need to configure an e-mail client to get your e-mail.  The University Help Desk supports the use of Outlook Express and Netscape Mail, but any POP e-mail client can be configured to access your SacLink e-mail.  The e-mail is copied to the hard drive of the computer you are using.  Some e-mail clients offer additional functionality over SacLink Web-based access such as junk mail filtering.

Get more information on Secure POP Email

Last Updated: October 31, 2011

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