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General E-mail FAQs

How much space am I allotted on the SacLink mail server?
Students, faculty, and staff receive 1 GB of e-mail quota.

How do I free up space on the SacLink mail server?

For Web-based e-mail, use the following link:

Free up space using OWA (SacLink Web-based E-mail)

If you use Microsoft Outlook and it has been configured to attach directly to the Exchange server, use the following link:

Free up space using Microsoft Outlook configured to attach directly to the Exchange server

How do I Import Contact Information Into Microsoft Outlook?

See our page at

What is the Maximum Size of a Message I Can Send or Receive?

Students, faculty, and staff are permitted to receive and send a message up to 20MB in size. Message headers count towards the message size. Additionally, binary attachments have to be MIME encoded, so there can be a significant increase in the attachment size due to the encoding. Before sending large attachments, ensure that the person you are sending the attachment to is able and willing to receive a large attachment. Many mail servers reject messages that are 20MB in size. Additionally, if the person you are sending the message to is running low on mail server space, they may not be able to receive the message or receive additional messages after receiving the large attachment from you. Another factor to consider is that large attachments may take a considerable amount of time to send or receive for users who access the Internet with a dial-up connection.

If you access your e-mail through OWA (SacLink Web-based e-mail), with a direct connection to the Exchange server, or are using the MAPI protocol, you should delete messages with attachments from your sent items folder to free up your allotted mail server space. Additionally, check your In Box for large messages that were returned in case the recipient(s) mail server would not accept large messages. Delete these messages from your In Box and empty your Deleted Items bin.

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