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Personal Web Page

Personal Web pages are an extension of Sacramento State computing and networking resources. As such, they are subject to all of the terms and conditions in the University Policy and Appropriate Use statements that you agreed to when your SacLink account was created. Your web pages must be academically related to the mission of the University . Inappropriate use of personal web pages may result in your actions being reviewed for compliance with proper usage quidelines. Your pages may be disabled if it is deemed that you are in violation.

When you create a personal web page, a subdirectory named 'web' will be created in your home directory. Within this subdirectory, an 'index.htm' file will be created by default. This file can be modified as you see fit, but remember that the inclusion of the Sacramento State Disclaimer is mandatory.

Once you create your Web page, it will be available at Username (e.g.

How do I activate my webpage?

Students can activate their web pages by following these steps:

  • Click on the SacLink Login link below
  • Enter the required information to login
  • Click the "Enable" Button
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