President's Message

President Robert Nelsen

    President Robert Nelsen

Thank you for welcoming me and my wife, Jody, to the Hornet Family. We are proud to be here and tremendously excited about the future of this great University.

As the new president in a community that is new to me, I have been asked time and again what my vision is for Sacramento State. Unwaveringly, it is about our students. It is about their accomplishments during their time here on campus, the day they hold a diploma in their hands, and the futures they have as leaders in industry and in our neighborhoods.

We arrive at that place through one word: yes. Yes, we can help. Yes, there is a way. Yes, you have options. Yes, you can do it.

On campus, we are already finding ways to say yes to our students. New software will help us plan course schedules so a student knows, “Yes, I have the final class I need for my degree.” We are working with our educational partners in the region so our first-year students start with the confidence of, “Yes, I am prepared for college.” We are centralizing our career and internship office so our seniors finish their time at Sac State knowing, “Yes, I am experienced and I have accepted a job following graduation.”

That is what the power of yes can do for our students.

I am committed to our 30,000 students, but I am further dedicated to what they become: successful leaders in our community and around the world. They become you, our alumni family.

My call to action for you is this: Join us. Be the mentor who helps a student find her path through school. Be the internship supervisor who guides a student through his first taste of a career. Be Hornet proud and attend events on campus, follow us on social media, and answer the phone when a student calls to ask for your support.

Say yes. And join us. Stingers up!


Robert S. Nelsen

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