Research Roundup

Cracking the Code on Autism

One in 68 children born in the U.S. is diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. We talked to three Sac State faculty members who are looking into the causes, treatments and management of autism.

Kimberly Mulligan, professor of biological sciences

Understanding the molecular basis of autism is a personal quest for biological sciences professor Kimberly Mulligan.

With the assistance of fruit flies, Mulligan will study the role environmental toxins play in the cause of the disorder. She hopes her findings will help reduce the prevalence of, and decrease the severity of, autism. Read more

Jean Gonsier-Gerdin, professor of education

Jean Gonsier-Gerdin is a strong believer in inclusive education and is devoted to helping students with special needs.

She investigates ways to remove barriers that prevent students with disabilities from accessing the curriculum their classmates use. Hired in 2003, the education professor helped revise Sac State’s moderate to severe special education credential. Read more

Caio Miguel, professor of psychology

Psychology professor Caio Miguel runs his own research institution, led by undergraduate and graduate students. His team studies bi-directional naming and other methods of skills delivery that teach children with autism to categorize their environments.

In the past year, Miguel has relayed his findings to audiences around the nation, and the world. Read more

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