Forever Green and Gold Alumni, Faculty and Staff

Meet six Hornet alumni, faculty and staff who have made Sac State part of their daily lives.

Fred Baldini

Fred Baldini ’82, MA ’85 (Physical Education)
Dean, College of Health and Human Services, Alumni Association Board Director

My biggest Sac State influence was: Three professors: Dr. James Bosco, Dr. Lou Elfenbaum, and Dr. William Bynum. Those three introduced me to my profession, taught me how to be a student, and they had a lasting influence on me after graduation. I took parts of each of them: Dr. Bosco’s passion, Dr. Elfenbaum’s compassion and Dr. Bynum’s high expectations and try to carry each of them with me every day as I interact with students, faculty and staff, and members of the community.

I am “Forever Green and Gold” because: Today, in my role as Dean of the College of Health and Human Services I have an office in Solano Hall. So, 30 plus years later, I am approximately 100 yards away from the spot I met my wife. 

Mai Thuy Nguyen

Mai Thuy Nguyen, MA ’14 (Higher Education Leadership)
Leadership Initiative Program Advisor, Student Organizations and Leadership

Campus hangout? One of my favorite places to hang out on campus is the Multi-Cultural Center or the Pride Center/Women’s Resource Center. Each location provided a safe space to engage in meaningful conversations with other students, staff and faculty. I felt like I couldn’t leave either of these offices without reflecting more about myself.

I am “Forever Green and Gold” because: I am thankful for the students I have the opportunity to advise and instruct. I am thankful for the faculty and staff members who have supported me every step of the way. And I am thankful for the experience Sac State gave me.

Jerry Blake

Jerry Blake, MA ’97 (Education):
EOP Retention Coordinator/Counselor, Student Academic Success and Educational Opportunity Program

The most important thing I learned at Sac State: To have patience and empathy. You have to have a lot of patience when working with others who may be of different ages, cultures and economic backgrounds. Being able to let go of “self” and place yourself in someone else’s shoes is sometimes difficult, but you learn a lot about them and about yourself when you practice those skills.

I am “Forever Green and Gold” because: I have lived in many cities, worked or attended several college institutions and come from a different geographical area, but Sac State has been the most like “home.” I found my niche in the community, I found my place in my career and I found my family on the campus. Forever Green and Gold, no doubt!

Lois Mattice

Lois Mattice ’87 (Physical Education), MA ’94 (Sport Performance)
Associate Athletic Director, Intercollegiate Athletics, Alumni Association Board Director

My favorite Sac State memory: After 32 years on campus as both a student and employee, there are many. Every time we beat the UC Davis Aggies tops the list! The most rewarding: watching young freshmen mature into confident graduates, then making significant contributions in their communities.

Advice for a new graduate: Don’t be afraid to work hard or volunteer. It is the experiences you have and people you meet that will help you the most as you advance in your career. 

I am “Forever Green and Gold” because: I live it every day. Sacramento State and being a Hornet are my passions. Students keep me motivated and young at heart.

Stacy Hayano

Stacy Hayano ’87 (Finance)
Associate Vice President, Budget Planning and Administration, Division of Administrationand Business Affairs

The most important thing I learned at Sac State: The importance of building and maintaining relationships. When you have strong working relationships, it allows you to collaborate with others, obtain and provide help when needed, and reach common goals.

I am “Forever Green and Gold” because: Sacramento State is such a large part of me. My academic and professional experiences from Sacramento State have shaped me and made me into the person I am today. This is where I grew up and I will forever be a Hornet!

Justine Heartt ’89 (Accountancy), MBA ’92

Former Associate Vice President, Financial Services, Division of Administration and Business Affairs (retired in March)

Justine Heartt

The most important thing I learned at Sacramento State: Where to find answers. Education helps teach how to find the answers. You can’t remember/know everything, but you should to know how to find what you need. 

Where was your campus hangout? The music room in the University Union. I would select an album (yes, album) to play for an hour between classes and hang out on a beanbag chair and read and/or relax while listening to the music. 

I am “Forever Green and Gold” because: I love Sac State: Its students, faculty, staff, administrators and supporters. Though I retired this spring, I will stay connected via Facebook and stream Sac State Football. Go Hornets. Stingers Up! 

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