Presidential Partner

Gloria GonzalezGloria Gonzalez embraces role as First Lady

Gloria Gonzalez has had many roles in her life: wife, mother, caregiver, mentor, advocate, volunteer and, for the past 12 years, Sac State’s First Lady.

But, take it from her husband, University President Alexander Gonzalez, she also has been a full and active partner in his presidency.

“What an opportunity for us to be able to do so much for students and the community,” says Gloria Gonzalez, reflecting on their time together. “I would never have imagined that for us when we got married. We never thought he would be a university president someday, but it’s been a nice fit.

“What I’m taking from this experience is priceless: Sacramento has been an amazing community. The people here embraced us, even during the tough times. We’ve made amazing connections, and we see alumni and students wherever we go. It’s been wonderful.”

The Gonzalezes will continue to make Sacramento their home after his retirement and they plan to travel some and entertain a lot, with the president manning the barbecue. They also plan to return to campus to enjoy theatrical productions and other activities.

Gloria Gonzalez was 17 and in high school when she met the 21-year-old airman first class who would become her husband. They’ve been married for 44 years and have raised two sons.

“Alex and I came from the same area of Los Angeles and have the same background,” she says, “so we had a connection early on that was amazing. We’ve always been partners during our marriage. “And even though Alex can be very serious, he’s a generous, kind man who has helped so many people.”

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