Be Informed

Vote on Prop 30

This November, voters will decide on the next president of the United States, as well as on the composition of the U.S. Congress, our California Legislature and local offices.

In California, voters also will be presented with a number of statewide initiatives, including Proposition 30, which will impact how much state funding CSU campuses will receive to educate and support current and prospective students.

Be informed.

To learn more:

Read this story about an informational forum co-sponsored by Sacramento State and LEED (Linking Education and Economic Development) on Oct. 3. Academic and business leaders from throughout California gathered at the University’s Alumni Center to explore the impact Proposition 30 would have on public education, as well as on the economy of the region and state, if voters fail to approve the measure on Nov. 6.

Watch this video: “Help Sam, Help California” 

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