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What is campus-level impaction?
Campus‐level impaction is declared when the number of qualified students who want to attend a California State University campus exceeds the capacity to serve them in terms of funding allocated by the state.. When campus‐level impaction is declared, admissions requirements change for some students, however fully qualified students who attend high schools or community colleges within the designated “local area of admission” are eligible to be admitted under the CSU’s normal criteria.

What is program-level impaction?
Program-level impaction occurs when student demand for a particular program exceeds the University’s funded capacity to accommodate those students. To manage this demand, the University could apply additional criteria for entry into those programs.

What programs are impacted at Sacramento State?
Sacramento State’s programs in Criminal Justice, Graphic Design, Health Science, Interior Design, Nursing and Psychology and the College of Business Administration are already operating under impaction status. The University is considering program-level impaction for the Photography program beginning in fall 2013.

What is the geographic area that constitutes Sacramento State’s “local area of admission?
If you attended high school or community college in Sacramento, El Dorado, Placer, Yolo, San Joaquin or Solano counties, you will not be affected by campus‐level impaction. This is Sacramento State’s local area of admission. To be admitted, you must meet the minimum CSU system‐wide admission requirements and meet all application deadlines.

What if I live outside of the local admission area ‐‐such as Yuba, Napa or Sutter counties ‐‐should I apply to attend Sacramento State?
Yes. Sacramento State encourages you to apply for admission. However, applicants from outside of this designated area will likely need to meet additional supplemental criteria to be admitted. We also encourage you to apply to other CSU campuses that are not impacted.

If I cannot get into Sacramento State because of impaction, what are my options?
You can apply to a non‐impacted CSU campus. If you live outside of Sacramento State’s local area of admission, you can apply to your local campus, whether or not it is impacted.

I have been admitted to Sacramento State for the 201213 school year and plan to begin to take classes this fall. How will impaction affect me?

Your admission status will not be affected.

Does impaction affect freshman applicants and transfer applicants differently?

My son or daughter is a sophomore in high school and is beginning to think about where he/she may want to go to college. Will Sacramento State continue to be an impacted campus in the years to come?
Impaction is declared on an annual basis – and the campus-level impaction designation is continuing through at least the 2013-14 academic year. Each year that the campus projects that it will have more qualified applicants than it will receive funding to admit, the campus will have to apply for impaction status from the CSU Chancellor’s Office. The CSU Chancellor’s Office will have to then evaluate the data and grant or deny impaction status.


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