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Dodgeballers could bounce into record book


Sac State's dodgeball game attracted 1,208 players. Photo by Kenji Enos

Sacramento State capped the celebration of its new recreation and wellness center Sept. 2 by breaking the world's record for the largest dodgeball game.

While the official paperwork still needs to be submitted to the Guinness Book of World Records, it certainly appears the Sac State game featuring 1,208 players broke the old, official record of 712, says Leslie Davis, executive director of The WELL and University Union.

The players lined up on opposite sides of The WELL's basketball courts at 7 p.m. and began a frenzy of ball throwing that lasted an hour and 15 minutes. The event was viewed by about 150 spectators.

The game was the culmination of a day-long event that saw more than 8,000 people flooding the building for a first look at its health center, athletic courts, exercise equipment and rock climbing wall, Davis says. "This is a historic day in the life of Sacramento State - opening The WELL and breaking the record for the world's largest dodgeball game."

The 151,000 square-foot facility was built using a student fee approved by students in a 2004 referendum. No state funds were used. The WELL is available to all students, faculty and staff and recent alumni who paid the fee but graduated before the center's opening.

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