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Division of Nursing is now School of Nursing


Sacramento State’s Division of Nursing has been renamed the School of Nursing, honoring a request by Nursing faculty.

The announcement was made during a ribbon-cutting ceremony and open house hosted by the College of Health and Human Services to dedicate Folsom Hall, where Nursing has relocated from El Dorado Hall.

“The change from ‘Division’ to ‘School’ reflects a statement on the part of the University, both about the quality of this particular unit as well as its potential,” says Joseph Sheley, Sacramento State provost and vice president for Academic Affairs. “What we find nowadays is that competitive nursing departments or division units are the ones that are called ‘schools’ of nursing. It is important for us as a university to make that statement about the confidence we have in this particular group of nursing educators and students.”

Nursing faculty presented the request for a name change to Health and Human Services Dean Fred Baldini. He read the proposal and agreed, and the change eventually received final approval from President Alexander Gonzalez.

“It is in a sense saying, ‘Folsom Hall’s here, this is an opportunity to highlight this program,’” Baldini says.

The name change does not affect the college’s administrative or reporting structure, Baldini says. He adds that, as Folsom Hall continues to develop and other departments from Health and Human Services, such as Physical Therapy and Speech Pathology and Audiology, the college may create an HHS College Center for Health Professions.