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Budget cuts trigger fee increase, program impaction


The fallout from devastating state budget cuts continued Tuesday when California State University Trustees approved an additional 12 percent tuition fee increase beginning this fall. The board also approved Sacramento State’s declaration of impaction for three programs: Criminal Justice, Psychology and Health Sciences.

The tuition fee increase was a last-resort response to the $650 million budget cut imposed on the CSU for 2011-12, bringing funding levels down to 1998-99 levels — all while the CSU is serving 72,000 more students than it was then.

In a message Wednesday to Sacramento State faculty and staff, President Alexander Gonzalez said it was too soon to know how the additional $150 million cut would affect the campus specifically. All 23 CSU campuses had been planning for a $500 million cut, the amount previously proposed by the governor.

Gonzalez stated that Sacramento State will be accepting applications for Spring 2012 admissions next month and that the University is “proceeding as we normally would for spring enrollment, as part of our ongoing commitment to ensure access to a quality education.”

The president also informed the campus of impaction status for Criminal Justice, Psychology and Health Sciences that would take effect in Fall 2012. Program impaction occurs when student demand for a program exceeds the University’s funded capacity to accommodate those students. Students seeking to pursue those programs will need to meet additional criteria for entry into the major. Information on the changes for newly impacted programs is available at

Information on the tuition fee increase is available on the Public Affairs Budget Central page at For media assistance, contact Public Affairs at (916) 278-6156.