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Donor collaborative effort pays dividends


Golden State Donor Services provided a helicopter, firefighting units and a crashed car to simulate an emergency in the "Keep Hope Alive" training video.
Sacramento State has been selected to receive the Community Partner for Life – Organization Award for the “University’s outstanding efforts in support of organ and tissue donation.”

This award will be presented by Golden State Donor Services on Thursday, Sept. 29, to honor Sac State’s collaborative efforts to help save lives. The partnership between community groups including the Sacramento Fire and Folsom Fire districts, Sac State Nursing Professor Debra Brady, and Michaeline Veden, executive producer and assistant director, Academic Technology and Creative Services, produced a training video, “Keep Hope Alive” (available to view at ).

 The training video, created for emergency first responders, instructs them on the process of organ donation. Veden notes, “It is the keystone of a curriculum developed by Dr. Brady in which California first responders can earn CE credits. It has been extremely well received, and the video is being used in other states across the country for similar training.”

More than 2,000 paramedics, firefighters and emergency medical technicians from 23 states have completed the online course on how their actions in the field to implement best practices for emergency perfusion and oxygenation among the critically injured can affect lives beyond the emergency scene.

Golden State Donor Services presented the video during a keynote session at a national conference in Texas last fall, and the response was so enthusiastic that discussions are now under way for international distribution.

Professor Brady is grateful for the teamwork, concluding: “It has been a great collaborative effort among many members of our community to address a clearly identified educational need among first responders. We were able to bring together clinical experience from Golden State, the University’s creative and technological resources plus those resources of the Sacramento and Folsom fire districts.  It was truly a community effort that is making a difference in saving lives.”

Veden punctuates the collaborative point in commending Golden State for providing a helicopter, firefighting units and a crashed car to simulate an emergency scene for the video: “We were able to repurpose the master video into two smaller products that will be used by Sac State’s Nursing instructors in the classroom as well as local medical providers for their in-service programs. This underscores the University’s core mission of teaching, learning, service.”

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– Alan Miller