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Sac State launches campus safety projects


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In a continuing effort to make the campus as safe as possible for students, faculty, staff and visitors, Sacramento State officials have launched a number of safety projects recently.

The most visible is the installation of new lights this summer. About 100 new fixtures have been installed along pathways from the residence halls to The WELL, says Plant Operations Director Linda Hafar. “The WELL contractor installed several of these fixtures when it was built, so this project creates two nicely lit corridors for housing residents,” she says.

The old type of fixture used a high-pressure sodium lamp and cast a pinkish glow. The new lamps are more energy efficient and cast a white glow that is more visible to the eye and so is perceived as improved lighting, Hafar says.

Last year Facilities and Information Resources and Technology began installing additional emergency telephones and safety and security cameras around campus. Four phones were installed at various locations, in addition to six new ones at Folsom Hall, new home of the School of Nursing. That brings the campus total to 130 phones, each of which has a blue light at the top to make it easier to identify at night.

Sixteen new safety and security cameras were installed, in addition to a new one at Folsom Hall, joining many others situated around campus.

To improve the campus warning capabilities, officials installed an audio broadcast system. Loudspeakers to warn the campus community of immediate threats have been installed at 27 locations. “These speakers can be individually activated, activated in zones or all together in the event of a campuswide emergency,” says Public Safety Finance Director Tony Lucas.

Each of these projects is viewed as expanding the Sacramento State Police Department’s capacity, says Lucas. Cameras aid officers following up property crimes; and the blue light phones and loudspeakers improve communication between the public and officers, acknowledging that not everyone may have a cell phone with them or have signed up to the University’s Emergency Notification System.

“The campus has been doing these various projects over the past two to three years in order to improve the Police Department’s capabilities to respond to the campus’ safety needs,” Lucas says.

For more information on campus safety, visit For media assistance, call Sacramento State’s Public Affairs office at (916) 278-6156.

— Craig Koscho