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Campus alert


On Monday, Oct. 3, campus police and the University posted bulletins warning of suspicious activity after a Sacramento State student reported that two men, identifying themselves as officers, had approached her. They asked her to accompany them to a nearby parking lot to assist them in an investigation.

Alarmed, the student contacted campus police.

Late Wednesday, Oct. 5, campus police received confirmation that the two men are indeed officers with the FBI and the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department who have been conducting a law enforcement operation on campus.

Both agencies say there is no safety threat.

Sacramento State Police remind students, faculty, staff and visitors that they should always ask to see an official ID and/or badge if stopped by anyone claiming to be a law enforcement official. They also may call the Sacramento State Police Department at (916) 278-6851 to confirm officers’ identities. And, as always, much appreciation is extended to the campus community for its vigilance in reporting all suspicious circumstances.