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Statement on lighting failure at drum and bugle corps event


We deeply regret that Sunday night’s drum and bugle corps event at Hornet Stadium ended early because of a lighting failure. We especially apologize to the young members of those groups and their families, some of whom traveled great distances to participate.

We also apologize to the sponsors of this community event; all event fees billed to S.O.M.E. will be waived. In reference to refunds, Jeff DeMello, one of the directors of S.O.M.E., has posted on the group’s Facebook page that questions should be sent to 

At this point, we have determined that the problem was a glitch in a remotely activated back-up system to turn on the lights, a process that was instituted a year ago as a cost-savings measure. Trained personnel did respond to correct the situation, but were unable to bring the lights up in time.

Hornet Stadium has been the venue of many successful world-class events in the past; however, we are conducting a thorough review of the practices and policies of our event management to ensure that this never happens again. 

-- Ming-Tung “Mike” Lee,
Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Sacramento State