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Tom Decker, Art, is part of a group show, “Ahhhh! Silica! Works by ACGA Clay & Glass Artists that inspires AWE”. Through Friday, Nov. 9, at the West Gallery of the Richmond Art Center: [ACGA stands for the Association of Clay and Glass Artists of California]

Francie Dillon, Education, was named Arts Educator of the Year on Friday, Oct. 12, by the Arts & Business Council of Sacramento. Dillon teaches Literature for Children. Sacramento State had two nominees for the honor, the other being Art Professor Elaine O’Brien. The third nominee was Milton Bowens, lead artist in residence at Twin Rivers Unified School District. The award was presented during an afternoon luncheon. Sac State’s two contenders noted that the dual nomination illustrates the University’s reach in the community.

Ian Harvey, Art, and his wife, artist Koo Kyung Sook, are showing their works at a gallery and an international art fair at the KunstDoc Gallery in Seoul, South Korea this fall: And the international fair known as Art Gwangju:12 in Gwangju city:

Maria Sampanis, Government, had a chapter published in  Kristen P. Williams, Steven E. Lobell, Neal G. Jesse, eds. Beyond Great Powers and Hegemons: Why Secondary States Support, Follow, or Challenge. Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2012. Her chapter, titled Comply or Defy? Following the Hegemon to Market,” was singled out by a reviewer of the book as being particularly germane to the book’s theme.

Mark Stoner, Communication Studies, presented his paper, “Reframing, Recontextualizing and the Social Reconstruction of Higher Education in CA, USA” at the European Conference on Educational Research, University of Cadiz, Spain, Sept. 18-21. Stoner’s presentation was part of a panel, “The Ironies and Illusions of Gosplan Thinking: An Analysis of Neoliberal Influences on Higher Education in Diverse International Contexts.”