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Sarah Blake, Academic Technology and Creative Services, presented a poster in San Francisco at the California Institute for Nursing and Health Care's annual Magic in Teaching conference, Nov. 14-16. It was titled "The Multifaceted Benefits of Creating a Structured Lab Assistant Program Within a Simulation Learning Center." Her co-authors were Nora O'Neill, graduate student, and Debra Brady, associate professor of Nursing. The poster was based on a multi-semester independent study project conducted by Blake (BA '12, BSN '12) and O'Neill (MSN in progress) with guidance from Brady (Sacramento State Simulation Learning Center Coordinator).

Susan Eggman, Division of Social Work, was elected to the California State Assembly representing the 13th district.

Deborah George, Geoff Herbert and Christine Irion, College of Continuing Education, presented their case study on “Developing California’s State Supervision Online Certificate Program” at the UPCEA Online Programs Seminar in New Orleans on Thursday, Nov. 8.

Deborah Hansen, Jenni Murphy and Michael Quiaoit, College of Continuing Education, gave a presentation on the pitfalls of website design at UPCEA’s Marketing Seminar in New Orleans on Wednesday, Nov. 7. Their presentation was titled “Beauty vs. Beast: 10 Fatal Flaws of a Website Facelift.”