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Robots Rumble at Sac State


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The annual Robot Rumble was held Sunday, Nov. 3, in the University Union Ballroom, presented by Sacramento State’s Competitive Robotics club and the student chapter of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers. It was free and open to the public.

The event offered plenty of rough-and-tumble action as pairs of remote-controlled “antweight” robots – weighing not an ounce more than 1 pound – faced off in a glass-walled arena, giving the audience a clear view of the action.

“As the bout goes on, the two bots smash into each other and try to disable each other,” says club president Nitish Khazane, an Electrical and Electronic Engineering major. “The arena adds its own dynamic, because there is a flipper on one side, and someone in the audience can come up and hit the flipper and try to flip over the robots. And the crowd goes wild every time that happens.”

“You lose when you’re disabled,” says club treasurer Andrew Steven Tschoepe, an electrical engineering major. “So if you’re flipped over and can’t move anymore, then you’re out.”

The students design and build their own robots, usually with scraps of aluminum sheet metal. The ideal robot is 6 inches tall with a squatty body, making it tougher to be tipped over by a foe.

Engineering clubs, including Hornet Racing, had displays and workshops throughout the day. The main event, the battle of the bots, began in the afternoon. The competitors included a team from West Campus High School.

“Robot Rumble is a great showcase for the College of Engineering and Computer Science,” says Sue Holl, chair of the Department of Mechanical Engineering. “Students help work on the K-12 technology pipeline.”

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