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Center for California Studies collaborates on book


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The California Cultural and Historical Endowment (CCHE) and the Center for California Studies at Sacramento State have collaborated on the production of Preserving California’s Treasures, second edition, a book that showcases historic preservation projects funded by CCHE grants during the past decade.

The Center predates CCHE by about 20 years. Created in 1982, the Center evolved out of a growth in courses exploring California’s government, politics, land, literature, economy, and people. The Center works to increase understanding and awareness about California.

The CCHE’s creation in 2002 arose from a similar appreciation for the state and from a concern that California was losing elements of its cultural identity. It was charged with protecting and preserving structures that help tell the story of California’s evolution, including those aspects of the narrative that historically have been underrepresented or absent. CCHE also was charged with completing an eight-part cultural survey, a project completed in fall 2012 and shared at a statewide summit. The summit brought together bright minds from diverse fields of study to consider California’s historic cultural legacy and visions for the future.

The Center and the CCHE share common ground in their devotion to a state where many varied threads make up a colorful tapestry worthy of preservation and consideration. That shared common ground led the CCHE to believe that the Center would be an ideal partner to collaborate with on a second edition of Preserving California’s Treasures.

The expanded edition includes a history of the state of California, an essay on why studying history in a state as diverse as California is so important and details on each funded project. Organized by region, the book includes maps and contact information to assist the visitor in making plans to visit the historic and cultural projects.

Preserving California’s Treasures costs $10, which includes tax, shipping and handling, and can be ordered online at It’s also available at the Avid Reader, 16th and Broadway in Sacramento.

For media assistance, contact Sacramento State’s Public Affairs office at (916) 278-6156. – Alan Miller