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Sept. 17, 2013

2013/14 General Operating Fund Budget

President Alexander Gonzalez has approved Sacramento State’s General Operating Fund Budget for the 2013/14 fiscal year. The campus budget outlook is much brighter than in recent years. The passage of Proposition 30 in November and funding in the enacted state budget provide greater stability and a $125.1 million increase in the state appropriation to the California State University. The budget allocations can be viewed here.
Divisional Baseline Allocations Detail
Divisional Share of Baseline Increases Based on Total Allocated

May 14, 2013

Governor's May revision maintains $125.1 million budget for CSU

Governor Brown’s May revision of the 2013-2014 state budget continues to propose an additional $125.1 million in state funding for the California State University and also maintains reinstating $125 million that was cut from last year's budget and was due to be reimbursed in this year's budget following the successful passage of Proposition 30.

The proposal also states that the administration will work with the colleges and universities, the Legislature and other stakeholders on a framework that would link future budget augmentations to performance-related measures.

“The funding proposed for public higher education in the Governor’s May Revise is a critical investment in the future of California,” said CSU Chancellor Timothy P. White. “We look forward to working with the Governor and Legislature to invest these educational resources while ensuring the accountability of our universities and the success of our students in a way that upholds the mission of the California State University.”

Overall, the proposed increase in state support for the CSU would bring state funding levels to $2.3 billion for the support of university programs and operations.  At their March board meeting, CSU Trustees reviewed an expenditure plan based on the proposed funding that addresses three major areas of need student access and success, faculty and staff compensation and mandatory costs.  Trustees will discuss additional details of this expenditure plan and the revised budget proposal at the upcoming May board meeting.

Jan. 10, 2013

Governor proposes $125.1 million budget investment for CSU

Governor Jerry Brown today released his 2013-14 state budget proposal, which signals a renewed investment in higher education with the addition of $125.1 million in state funding for the California State University. The Governor’s budget also reinstates $125 million that was cut from last year’s budget and was due to be reimbursed in this year’s budget following the passage of Proposition 30.

“We appreciate the Governor’s recognition that California will benefit from the investment of state funds into higher education,” said CSU Chancellor Timothy P. White. “The proposed budget heads us in the right direction. It will allow the CSU to address the unprecedented demand for high quality education at our institutions, as well as areas of critical need. We still face many fiscal challenges and will continue efforts to operate efficiently and effectively, and seek out additional innovative ways to control costs.”

Overall, the increase in state support for the CSU brings state funding levels to $2.2 billion for the support of university programs and operations. As part of its 2013-14 budget ask of the Governor and Legislature, CSU had requested a total of $371.9 million over its current baseline budget that includes state funds, tuition and systemwide fees.

Sacramento State President Alexander Gonzalez' response: "If enacted, this budget would begin to address funding that was lost during the last few years of deep budget cuts to the CSU and Sacramento State.  Reinvestment in public higher education is essential to California's economic future as we work to enhance educational access, quality and affordability for the students we serve."

Full CSU news release

Nov. 15, 2012

CSU budget request balances system needs with fiscal realities

The California State University Board of Trustees today approved its 2013-14 budget request of the Governor and the legislature, which seeks to balance the system's continued unmet needs with the state's fiscal challenges.

CSU is requesting a total of $371.9 million over its current baseline budget that includes state funds, tuition and systemwide fees. The plan includes revenue for enrollment growth, compensation, as well as maintenance of facilities.

"This budget request is a genuine reflection of the fiscal needs of the university, but moderated by the reality of the state's fiscal challenges," said Robert Turnage, assistant vice chancellor for budget. "The revenue plan strikes a balance between a reasonable request to the state and revenue associated with enrollment growth."

Full message

Nov. 7, 2012

President Gonzalez' message on passage of Proposition 30

California voters yesterday approved Proposition 30, which means the California State University budget will not be reduced under a  $250 million “trigger” cut in the current fiscal year.

This sets in motion a number of actions for us at Sacramento State regarding tuition fees, the campus budget and admissions.

We have already begun working on how we will rescind the $249-per-semester tuition fee increase that was previously enacted for the current fall semester. Students will either be credited, refunded or receive a reconfigured financial aid package to account for the revised tuition fee rates.

Full message

Nov. 7, 2012

With passage of Proposition 30, CSU to roll back tuition

The California State University will avoid a $250 million mid-year budget cut after voters’ approval of Proposition 30, and will start the process of rescinding the $249 per semester tuition fee increase already in place. With the passage of Proposition 30, CSU's budget will essentially remain flat for the remainder of this fiscal year, but state funding is still approximately $1 billion less than several years ago.

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