Office of Public Affairs and Advocacy

Formal Name Logotype

The presentation of the University’s formal name should be just as consistent as the presentation of the logo and official seal. The University’s formal name can be presented in one of two styles shown below, stacked or horizontal. The stacked configuration is the only instance where the comma is not necessary. Otherwise, a comma should always fall between “University” and “Sacramento.” Contact the Office of University Marketing at (916) 278-2140 for more information.

Sacramento State - formal name

Clear Space

To ensure visual integrity, there must always be a minimum amount of white or clear space surrounding the formal name. This clear space must be kept free of other graphic elements. The correct minimum amount of clear space shall be defined as “X”, as shown below. The measurement “X” is equal to the height of the “CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY” letters in the logotype. Please note these are only minimum measurements.

Sacramento State - formal name, clear space

Minimum Size

The sizes below indicate the smallest size at which the formal name logotype can be reproduced. Whatever the reproduction technique, be sure the logotype is always legible at its size and can be clearly executed/reproduced. Pins, pens, and the like are examples of exceptions.

Sacramento State - formal name, minimum size