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Primary Logo

The Sacramento State logo is comprised of the symbol, wordmark and tagline. The symbol consists of the torch or “S” and torch handle, contained within the shield, curved waves and tagline. Only the “S” or flame can be used as a separate graphic element. The primary signature locked with the tagline should be used whenever possible, especially in advertising and promotional materials. For complete description of each element refer page 8 of the Sacramento State Identity Style Guide.

The logo is available in a vertical and horizontal configuration.

Unit and Department Logos

It is important that the public understands the link between the University and the department or campus unit. Each department, unit and program may use an individual presentation of the logo and name.

The examples above show how the President’s, Vice Presidents’ and Deans’ offices should be presented in conjunction with the campus name and logo. The “functional” units—nearly all other campus units—should be presented with the campus name and logo.

A very limited number of campus units and auxiliaries may have their own logo, but that logo must be clearly related to and similar to the University logo. These units may have their own logo because of their unique missions and unique needs to be clearly identified with that mission. They include, but are not limited to, University Enterprises, Associated Students, Athletics and the Alumni Association. Units such as academic departments and campus service offices are generally not eligible for their own logo.

Those units that believe they require an individual logo must provide written justification. The design team the unit plans to use, and the new logo itself, must be approved by the Office of University Marketing. For more information, contact the Office of University Marketing at or (916) 278-2140.

Campus unit names should not be presented along with the official University seal. That does not prohibit use of the unit’s name elsewhere on a certificate, program, etc. Although campus unit names cannot be combined with the seal, they can be presented with the University’s formal name, see examples.


  Primary logo

vertical configuration

Sacramento State Logo - verticalSacramento State Logo - vertical, no tagline

Sacramento State Logo - vertical logos, one color

Primary logo

Horizontal configuration

Sacramento State Logo - horizontal 

Sacramento State Logo - horizontal, stacked

Sacramento State Logo - horizontal logo alignment

Unit/Department logos

colleges and vp offices

UDL Units and departments

UDL with formal name

UDL with formal name department

UDL Stacked version

logo colors

Minimum size

The Sacramento State logos must be used at the minimum size or large.

Sacramento State Logo - vertical, minimum size

Sacramento State Logo - horizontal, minimum size

Sacramento State Logo - horizontal stacked, minimum size

Clear Space


clear space vertical logo



clear space horizontal stacked logo