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Sacramento State Marks

The marks on this page are the primary graphic elements of the Sacramento State identity program. Consistent application and precise production of them will identify and reinforce public awareness of the University, its Colleges, departments, and other areas. When the logos are used properly with the other elements of the identification program, a unique and effective visual style can be established.

Reproduction quality copies and digital images of the logo may be obtained from the Office of University Marketing at (916) 278-2140 or online at All materials using the Sacramento State logo must be approved by the Office of University Marketing. Please allow two working days for all requests for logos.

Official Seal

Official Seal

The official seal of the University includes new logo, the formal name and the year of our founding. It is intended primarily for use on formal and legal publications of the University. Visit the Official Seal page for detailed information.

Formal Name

The presentation of the University’s formal name should be just as consistent as the presentation of the logo and official seal. The University’s formal name can be presented in one of two styles shown below, stacked or horizontal. The stacked configuration is the only instance where the comma is not necessary. Otherwise, a comma should always fall between “University” and “Sacramento.” Contact the Office of University marketing at (916) 278-2140 for more information or visit the Formal Name Logotype page.


Formal Name logotype Horizontal


Formal Name Vertical


Below are examples of the horizontal and vertical variations of the Sacramento State logo. for details on the proper use of the Sacramento State logo please go to the Logo page.

Horizontal Stacked Logo

Horizontal Stacked

             Vertical Logo

Primary Logo Horizontal


The nickname is intended for use on informal materials or those intended for an audience that is highly familiar with or close to the University.