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The secondary nickname for the University is “Sac State” – a name that has been long used with affection by students, alumni and the local community. It should be used on material intended for an audience that is highly familiar with and close to the University, such as alumni.

The presentation of the University’s nickname should be just as consistent as the presentation of the logo and official seal. There are two configurations for the nickname; it should only be presented in one of the two styles shown below. The nickname is intended for use on informal materials or those intended for an audience that is highly familiar with or close to the University. The nickname should not be used as a department logo or design element. It may never appear in conjunction with the official seal.

Sacramento State - nickname

Contact the Office of University Marketing at (916) 278-2140 for more information.

Clear Space

To ensure visual integrity, there must always be a minimum amount of white or clear space surrounding the nickname. This clear space must be kept free of other graphic elements. The correct minimum amount of clear space shall be defined as “.5X”, as shown. The measurement “X” is equal to the height of the “SAC STATE” letters in the logotype. Please note these are only minimum measurements.

Clear space nickname

Minimum size

The sizes below indicate the smallest size at which the nickname logotype can be reproduced. Whatever the reproduction technique, be sure the nickname logotype is always legible at its size and can be clearly executed/reproduced.

Minimum size

Misuse & improper alteration

Shown here are examples of improper uses of the nickname. The nickname should always be used in the configuration in which it was designed and not combined or made part of other design elements. Always use the approved artwork and always follow these guidelines when using it. If you are unsure, please call the Office of University Marketing at (916)278-2140 for guidance. 

Nickname misuse