Office of Public Affairs and Advocacy

University Name


The University has settled on a common naming system, and the designs for the identity package are based on that system. The names are:

  • California State University, Sacramento ----------------- Formal Name
  • Sacramento State ------------------------------------------ Common Name
  • Sac State             ------------------------------------------ Secondary Nickname

Name variations that should not be used include, but are not limited to:

  • CSUS
  • Sacramento State University
  • CSU Sacramento
  • Cal State Sacramento
  • California State University at Sacramento


University Name-formal name

The formal name of the University is California State University, Sacramento. This name should always include the comma, and should not include other elements such as a dash or the word “at.” An exception would be the stacked version of the department logotype, where the break is implied - see the Formal Name logotype page. The formal name should be used on formal documents or those materials which will be distributed primarily nationally or internationally. These include, but are not limited to, diplomas, contracts, national conventions and grant proposals. The formal name may be used as a first reference with “Sacramento State” as a second reference.


Common Name

The common and most frequently used name style for the University is “Sacramento State".

“Sacramento State” may appear as the first and only reference to the University. It is also the second reference when the formal name is used. The common name is preferred for materials intended for a general audience. Such audiences usually include, but are not limited to, students, prospective students, campus employees, residents as a whole of the Sacramento region, residents as a whole of the state, donors and alumni.



The secondary nickname for the University is “Sac State” – a name that has been long used with affection by students, alumni and the local community. It should be used on material intended for an audience that is highly familiar with and close to the University, such as alumni.