Mission Statement

Improve the retention and graduation rates of diverse student populations and to promote a campus learning environment that encourages and supports all students in persisting toward their educational goal. This is to be accomplished through a unified effort set forth by a collection of programs aimed at student success, which are comprised of the following programs:

  • College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP)
  • College Based Educational Equity Programs (CBEEP)
  • Early Assessment Program (EAP)
  • Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)
  • Faculty Student Mentor Program (FSMP)
  • Guardian Scholars Program (GSP)
  • Services to Students with Disabilities Program (SSWD)

All of these programs represent a unified action to meet the aims of Destination 2010 to Foster Excellent Academic and Student Programs, a Welcoming Campus, a Dynamic Physical Environment, and the Development of Community Support.