(Updated on Thursday, December 14, 2006 at 6:00 am)
   Call Phon Seats   ..Class Meets..                                            Change
Sec No  Reg  Avail   Days       Time  Bldg-Rm    Faculty        Footnote        Reason
ARBC 001B        ELEMENTARY ARABIC               4 UNITS
1  20150 ***Cancelled***
2  25777  Y    0 Dis T     1030-1220  YSM-133    Aramouni E     4               Added  
                     R     1030-1220  MRP-1002   Aramouni E                     Added  
ARBC 002A        INTERMEDIATE ARABIC             4 UNITS
1  25836  Y    1 Dis TR     130- 320  MRP-2003   Aramouni E                     Added  

PHONE REGISTRATION (Phon Reg) Y (Yes) : Available for phone registration N (No) : Not available for phone registration D (Drop): Available for drop E (Add) : Available for add only; drops must be approved by the academic department

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