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MATHEMATICS: If you are not exempt from the ELM Exam (see GEMath), you must satisfy the ELM requirement by either passing the ELM Exam or passing the appropriate ELM equivalency courses. You must enroll in your required ELM equivalency course during your first semester at Sacramento State, and enroll in the subsequent semester if you are required to take a second course. Your ELM exam score and whether you plan to take MATH 1 or a math course other than MATH 1 for your GE Area B4 will determine the course or course sequence you should take to satisfy the ELM requirement.

After passing the ELM Exam or the appropriate ELM equivalency courses, you may enroll in MATH 1 for the General Education Quantitative Reasoning requirement or take a Mathematics Department Diagnostic Test as a prerequisite to enrollment in other Mathematics courses. Contact the Department of Mathematics and Statistics (916) 278-6534 for additional information.