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Sacramento State procedures differ from registration at other colleges. The first phase of CASPER is based on class level priority. As an eligible student, you will be assigned an appointed day to use CASPER. On that day and hour, your Student Identification Number (SID) will be activated. Provided your fee payment has been recorded and all holds are cleared, you may call or log on to request classes. Each time you ask for a class, CASPER will respond to indicate that you have been enrolled in the class if it is open; if the class is full or cancelled, CASPER will prompt you to make another request.


The second phase, called CASPER Plus, permits late registration and change-of-schedule. All eligible students whose fee payments have been recorded may add and/or drop classes. CASPER Plus opens the week before instruction begins; it ends on the Add/Drop Deadline (end of second week of semester). The CASPER phone number remains available until the University census date to list and verify your courses, and CasperWeb is available all semester to verify your schedule.

CASPER may be used by students who are a

  • Continuing student (attended every semester since you were admitted to Sacramento State)
  • New student (and received your letter of admission to Sacramento State before the beginning of CASPER)
  • Returning student (you last attended Sacramento State two or more semesters ago but have reapplied and received your letter of admission prior to the beginning of CASPER)
  • Out-One-Semester student (you stopped out of Sacramento State for one semester, but at least one month before the start of CASPER, you notified the Registrar’s Office of your intention to return)

    If you applied to graduate, you will not receive an Invitation to Register for the following semester. Therefore, if your plans change, you must notify the Degree Evaluations Office (undergraduates) or the Office of Graduate Studies and give us time to re-assign your registration eligibility.

    When you complete your academic program and are awarded the degree, credential, etc., your eligibility to register in that program ends. If you intend to continue to enroll at the University, you must notify the Office of Graduate Studies of your new objective and reapply if necessary.

    Sixty-Plus students and ACE students may enroll during CASPER Plus only. Students registering for audit may not enroll by telephone or web.

1. Obtain academic advising from your major department.
(Undeclared students: see Academic Advising in LSN-1012.) Do not delay, since some departments have mandatory advising requirements, and they may block your registration if you do not comply.

2. If your Invitation to Register shows any holds, clear them immediately. Do not incur any new ones before your Registration Day! You may verify current hold status on CasperWeb.

3. Pay your fees. Your payment must be received in the Student Financial Services Center at least 5 business days before your scheduled call-in Registration Day. For example, if your CASPER Registration Day is November 21, your payment must be received by the Student Financial Services Center by November 14. Use their Drop Box (LSN-1001), or mail your Fee Statement form and payment early enough to reach the Student Financial Services Center before your payment deadline. Credit card payments via CASHNet®SmartPay or CasperWeb should also be made well in advance of your Registration Day in case you have holds or card restrictions. Normally, telephone payments and web payments record immediately; however, if you have a financial hold, you must wait for that payment to clear before you can pay fees. American Express, Discover Card and MasterCard are the only credit cards accepted. See page 13 for touch-tone telephone and web payment procedure.
During Fall and Spring semesters, if you applied for Financial Aid and have received an award letter indicating eligibility for financial aid, you do not need to return your Fee Statement form. (You may use it to purchase parking and/or augmented health plan.) See page 9 for complete details. You must allow a minimum of eight weeks for an offer of financial aid to be made after you file the application. Therefore, if you have only recently applied for financial aid, you should plan on paying your own registration fees. In summer semester all students must pay fees prior to registration (fees are NOT deferred).
If your fees are paid by a sponsored program, write in the name of your sponsor in item 6 on the Fee Statement form in your Invitation to Register. See page XX for details.
Sacramento State offers a registration fee installment payment plan.

4. Decide on the courses in which you want to enroll. Use the Worksheet in the Class Schedule. Identify several alternate courses in case the ones you prefer are already full. Remember, CASPER will enroll you immediately if there is a seat for you in the class, so you may not need your alternate selection; but CASPER won’t let you remain on the line leafing through the Class Schedule in search of another possibility. If the section you request is full or cancelled, CASPER will inform you if there is an open section of the same class. You may enroll in the open section if you wish.
Pay attention to footnotes describing course prerequisites, session dates, etc. Note especially footnotes D and O, which mark distance education courses having special technology requirements.

5. Mark your Registration Day and time on your calendar and be sure you'll have access to a touch-tone phone and/or the internet that day. It is important to register on your Registration Day. Don't try to get in earlier -- CASPER won't let you. You may call CASPER from any touch-tone phone anywhere in the U.S. You may be able to call from some international stations as well, but be aware of the time difference. Students who have SacLink accounts may register via CasperWeb. CASPER is available Monday-Friday, 7:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. Pacific Time.

1. Have your filled-in Worksheet in front of you. Your best chance to get your preferred classes is to register during your assigned time period. If you get a busy signal, keep trying. CASPER is available 7:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m at (916) 278-8000 or

2. On CasperWeb, click on Student Services, then Registration. On the telephone, CASPER will prompt you to enter the codes from your Worksheet: the semester registration code (Summer 2006=7065, Fall 2006=7068, Spring 2007=7073), your SID (Social Security Number) and your PIN (Personal Identification Number). If you have cleared all holds and your fee payment has been recorded, you are ready to enter your course requests.

"Action codes" tell CASPER what you want to do: Press
2* to Add
3* to Drop
6* Conditional Drop/Add
5# to List your schedule
9# to Exit CASPER and hear any schedule conflict messages
Remember to use the # key to let CASPER know you have completed each entry.

3. CASPER will read back each course you enter. If you register in a wrong course, simply drop it using the 3* action code and the course call number or select Drop from the CasperWeb registration menu.

4. During CASPER the total number of units you may register in is limited. Read about Maximum Units on this page.

5. Conditional Drop/Add is useful mainly when you need to switch sections of the same course. It can also help you if you are already registered in the maximum units and want to get into a different course or if you aren’t sure the course you want is still open.

6. If nothing is happening while you are on the phone, you probably forgot to press # after your last transaction. Try that. If you get lost on the system, press * # to get back to your last transaction. If you get totally messed up, press 9# to get out of CASPER, then reorganize and call back.

7. You may listen to a list of the courses you enrolled in by pressing 5#. If you are registered in many courses, CASPER may stop listing after the first four. Press # to prompt CASPER to list the remaining courses.

8. Always remember to exit before you hang up the phone by pressing 9#. On CasperWeb, log out to protect your personal information.

1. All international students must show proof of health insurance each semester to staff of the Office of Global Education, LSN-2304. Failure to do so will result in a hold on CASPER registration.

2. International students must pre-pay and register for a full-time unit load.

3. Students who wish to pay non-resident tuition and fees using the installment plan must go in person to Student Financial Services Center (SFSC), LSN-1001, to sign the appropriate agreement no later than five business days prior to your Registration Day.