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What is the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)?

EOP, enacted by law in 1969, is a state mandated program that provides access to a college education for first generation college students. Students who are from low income and educationally disadvantaged communities are targeted for the program. EOP provides special admission consideration, academic advising, financial assistance, and retention services to eligible undergraduate students who are California residents. In addition, EOP provides instructional support to students through the EOP Learning Communities Program.

What is an EOP Learning Community?

A learning community is comprised of a set of core courses that groups of freshmen students are required to enroll in together. Because both students and faculty all work and learn together in a community atmosphere, a supportive environment is created for students. This helps to foster the academic growth and college success of students in the program.

How are students placed in an EOP Learning Community?

Students must first complete their EOP admission file, as well as take the English Placement Test (EPT) and the Entry Level Mathematics Exam (ELM), preferably by the March test deadline. The student must complete an EOP Online Workshop and agree to the terms of the EOP Student Agreement Form, which outlines the requirements of the program. Upon receipt of the student’s test scores, the student is administratively enrolled in the appropriate courses or assisted to add classes to their Fall schedule. A letter is mailed informing the student of their course placement.

What types of courses are available to students in the program?

Students enrolled in an EOP Learning Community are typically registered for a set of 4-5 courses in the EOP Learning Community Program configuration. (See the course listings below for details).

EOP Learning Communities

English (e.g., LS 15, 86, 87, ENGL 1, 1X, 1A, 2)
**Math (e.g., LS 7A, 7B, 10C, 10L, 10X)
EOP Freshman Seminar (e.g., ETHN 21) or GE course
Another General Education Course or Major-Based Class
LS 39B Tutorial Course

**Students scoring 50 or above on the ELM are instructed to register for a General Education math course on their own to complete their learning community course schedules.

What are the benefits of being enrolled in an EOP Learning Community?

There are many benefits to being an EOP Learning Community student. The program provides students with a smooth transition to college. Students receive academic advising and peer counseling that is critical to their success at the University. Tutorial assistance in English and math and various other subjects helps to supplement the learning experiences of students. Students in learning communities also have a chance to build positive working relationships with Sacramento State faculty. Peer support and program events also help to ensure the success of first-time freshmen EOP students in the University.

How is an EOP Learning Ccommunity different from a University Learning Community?

Unlike the University Learning Communities Program, students in an EOP Learning Community are required to participate in the program and are placed in a learning community on the basis of their EPT and ELM test scores and EOP admission status. This helps to ensure that students receive the necessary skills and support services that are critical to their completion of preparatory English and math courses.

How can I obtain more information about the program?

For additional information, please contact the Educational Opportunity Program at (278-6183).