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 What is a learning community?
The Learning Community Program at Sacramento State was started to help students form connections for academic and social support by taking classes together as a group. Each learning community consists of classes (usually 2-3) scheduled in a cluster. Faculty teaching courses in the community work together to link class topics and assignments.

Who is eligible to join a learning community?
The Learning Community Program focuses on entering freshmen, but students with fewer than 54 units may also find the program beneficial.

Why should I enroll in a learning community?
Consult an advisor to ensure you choose the learning community that is right for you.

Participation in a learning community can make your academic experiences at Sacramento State more stimulating and enjoyable. Research shows that students in learning communities tend to be more successful in college than their peers. Learning community students typically discover that they feel more comfortable on campus — they make friends more easily, create a network of fellow students and faculty for academic assistance, and get better grades.

Learning communities are organized to fulfill a variety of General Education and major requirements, so you can make steady progress toward your degree while taking interesting classes. The faculty members participating in the Learning Community Program are among the best teachers on campus, and their commitment to the program is an example of their interest in creating an active learning environment which supports each student’s academic and personal development.

Consult an advisor to ensure you choose the learning community that is right for you.

Over the summer, all new students are invited to campus for orientation. Orientation activities include academic advising and the chance to choose and register for Fall semester classes.

These learning community clusters are listed in this section. For updated information, check our Web site at:

Register in much the same way you would for the rest of your classes. Learning community course sections are corequisites linked by an associated class number. There are often multiple sections of the same course, but one specific section has been designated as a learning community section. Check class notes for learning community designation.

Some learning communities have variations in their course clusters to allow participation by students with different skill levels, especially in English and Math. Register in the community which matches your EPT or ELM placement.

How can I get more information?

Contact: Coordinator of Freshman Programs
Kathryn Palmieri
California State University, Sacramento
6000 J Street
Sacramento, California 95819-6046 (278-7837)