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What is My Sac State? My Sac State is your 24/7/365 information gateway. Beginning March 2007 all Sacramento State students will be using My Sac State to:

• Check online status of admissions and financial aid
• Accept or deny admissions and/or financial aid online
• Access to online information such as course prerequisites
• Register for classes
• Wait list for classes
• View real time class schedule information
• Check online To Do Lists and Holds
• Obtain an expanded degree audit – including “what if I change my major?”
• Read your Sac State Messages
• View Grades
To learn more about the features of My Sac State, check them out at


Three weeks before the start of Registration for Fall and Spring semesters, each eligible student will be sent a Registration postcard. Once you receive your postcard go to My Sac State to see your Early Registration Appointment. The postcard is sent to the most recent address we have for you. It is very important to maintain an accurate address on My Sac State so you can receive your postcard and financial aid checks. Also keep your email address up-to-date, as campus offices conduct official business by email.


Your Registration Day and time are scheduled in accordance with University priority policy in this order: disabled students, retention programs, graduating seniors*, seniors, classified graduates, juniors, sophomores, freshmen, and unclassified graduates. Within each class level, students are scheduled according to total units completed.

*Graduating seniors must have submitted a graduation application by the deadline. Priority is granted only one time. Second bachelor’s degree candidates are considered unclassified graduates except during the one semester for which they file to receive graduating priority.

1. Obtain academic advising from your major department.
(Undeclared students: see Academic Advising in LSN-1012.) Do not delay, since some departments have mandatory advising requirements, and they may block your registration if you do not comply.

2. If your My Sac State Student Center shows any holds, clear them immediately. Do not incur any new ones before your Registration Appointment!

3. Decide on the courses in which you want to enroll. Identify several alternate courses in case the ones you prefer are already full. Remember, the class search shows real time class information. You will be immediately enrolled if there is a seat for you in the class, so you may not need your alternate selection. If the section you request is full or cancelled, you may choose to Wait list the class if that option is available. For more information on wait lists refer to the Definitions sections.

Pay attention to class notes describing course prerequisites, session dates, etc. Note especially class notes 4 and 15, which mark distance education courses having special technology requirements.

1. All international students must show proof of health insurance semester to staff of the Office of Global Education, Failure to do so will result in a hold on registration.

2. International students must register for a full-time unit load.

3. Students who wish to pay non-resident tuition and fees using the installment plan must go in person to Student Financial Services Center (SFSC), LSN-1001, to sign the appropriate agreement no later than five business days prior to your Registration Day.


1. Students who have registered but wish to add, drop, or swap courses.

2. Students who need to enroll in more than the 17 units available in Priority Registration.

3. New students admitted after Priority Registration.

4. Students who missed Priority Registration.

5. Students in “space available” programs (Sixty-Plus, ACE, Cross Enrollment) who are not permitted to register before the first day of instruction.


MAXIMUM UNITS – During Priority Registration you may register for a limited number of units. Whichever of the following numbers is the lowest will control the maximum units you will be allowed to be in:

• 21 units (Graduating Seniors only);
• 17 units (All other students) except for;
• the maximum units allowed by your counselor (students on academic contracts) or;
• 14 units (students on Continued Probation).

During Late Registration, students may add up to 21 units unless they are subject to an academic contract limiting them to fewer units. Students who wish to enroll in more than 21 units must follow the instructions on the Excess Units Petition, which is available at the Admissions and Records Counter.

HELPLINE – The Registration Helpline (278-8088) is available from 8:00a.m. to 5:00p.m. on weekdays to resolve difficulties which you encounter in Registering.

IMMUNIZATIONS – All new and readmitted students born after January 1, 1957, are required to show proof of immunity to measles and rubella. Students 18 years and younger are required to show proof of immunization against Hepatitis B. Be prepared to present copies of your immunization records to the Health Center. Verifications of immunity will be requested early in your first semester. Failure to comply with this requirement will prevent you from registering in future semesters.

COURSE RESTRICTIONS – Registration is restricted in some courses based upon a student’s class level and/or major, or score on ELM, EPT, or WPE. Check course class notes carefully to determine eligibility to register in any course.

PREREQUISITES – Some classes have prerequisites and others may require permission of department or instructor as noted in class notes. If you have not complied with any such requirements but are allowed into a class, you may be asked to leave at the first class meeting. However, you are still responsible for officially dropping the course on My Sac State.

AUDITS – Students may not register for audit via My Sac State. Obtain an approved Add Permit from the instructor to register in a course as an auditor. Submit the Permit to Admissions and Records. All units for which you enroll as an auditor are included in determining the fees that you owe for the semester. No audit registrations are accepted after October 1, 2007 for Fall 2007; and February 22, 2008 for Spring 2008.

WAIT LIST - You may add yourself to a wait list for a class if the class is full. The wait list does not guarantee a seat in the class. You may enroll in up to 9 units on the wait list. You must be eligible to enroll in the class to wait list. The wait list will not override a time conflict with another class. You may check your wait list placement anytime. The My Sac State Messaging System will notify you when you have been enrolled in a wait listed class.