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What is distance and distributed education?

Distance and distributed education courses are those in which the student and the instructor are separated by distance and interact through the assistance of computer and communication technologies.

What special qualities will I need to ensure my success as a distant learner?

Students who enroll in distance and distributed education courses should be independent, self-disciplined, self-motivated learners with good study skills. Students who have good time management skills will generally do very well in this type of learning environment.

How do I know if a class is a distance or distributed education course?

You are encouraged to look at to see listings of all courses in order to find out information about specific course and technology requirements. The DDE courses on the Web site above have class notes of 4 and/or 15, and have one of three designations (online, hybrid, televised). Distance education courses will have a 4 class note next to them, which are available for credit over cable television. The 15 class note means that this course is an online course, which requires internet access. Hybrid/Online courses and/or televised courses traditionally are courses that include significant Internet assignments. Another way to know if a class is a distance education course is by logging onto My Sac State 2.0 Searchable Class Schedule and selecting one of the three search options in the Online/Distance ED Courses category for the semester of interest.

How do I register for distance and distributed education courses at Sacramento State?

You can register for televised and online courses through standard registration procedures. If you are not a formally admitted Sacramento State student, you can still enroll in courses through the College of Continuing Education. Call (916) 278-4433 or see for more information about registration procedures.

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How do I get books for my course?

Books for distance and distributed education courses are available in the Hornet Bookstore. Information regarding books for specific classes can be obtained by calling (916) 278-6445. Mail order services are available when prepaying with Visa or MasterCard. Please contact the Textbook Department at the above number for details.

Should I get a Saclink account when I enroll in distance and distributed education courses?

Yes, you should get a SacLink account as soon as you register for your course. SacLink will give you email and Internet access. All Sacramento State students are eligible for personal SacLink accounts. See for information on how to create your SacLink account. You may also call (916) 278-7337 for further information or email

What are the computer requirements for distance and distributed education courses?

Not all televised courses require students to have computer skills or be able to access the Internet to complete course requirements. However, hybrid and online courses and many of our televised courses do have assignments that include Internet activities, and you must have Internet access in order to enroll in these courses. If you do not subscribe to an Internet Service Provider (ISP), computer labs are available throughout the campus. These labs are open to all currently enrolled Sacramento State students. You should also be familiar with the computer environment and be able to use an Internet browser before you enroll in a Web course. If your course uses SacCT/WebCT, online tutorials and support information are available at

How can I contact my instructor?

You can contact your instructor by phone, email, Fax, or in person. Office hours and other information required for communicating with your instructor will be presented during the first class session and will also be included on the instructor’s home page.

What do I do on the first day of an online, hybrid, and/or televised course?

Attend the first day of class if there is a room and time noted. If the course is listed TBA, see the Distance and Distributed Education URL at for more information about your specific course and how to contact your instructor via email. Check the listing of hybrid/online courses for the specific course you wish to take.

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Where are Sacramento State televised courses offered?

Televised courses are offered in Sacramento County over Comcast Cable (Channel 15, 16, or 17) and SureWest Broadband (Channel 17 or 21), in West Sacramento Wave Broadband (Channel 19), in Roseville over Comcast Cable (Channel 15), in Auburn and Calaveras Counties over Volcano Vision (Channel 60). All courses may not be available on all channels, please check with your local cable service provider. Note that video streaming technology is another way for students to access televised courses even if they do not have cable access (see note below).

What happens on the first day of my televised course?

You should attend the first class session of a televised distance education course to obtain information about the course and to meet your instructor. The classroom location is listed for the distance section with the class note of 4. You should plan on arriving to your televised class at least 15 minutes early for the first class session in case you are sent to an overflow classroom. Instructions regarding overflow classroom policies will be given.

What happens if I miss a class or fail to record the class that I am accessing from cable?

Students wishing to view classes while on campus may go to the Library Open Lab (LIB 2000) in order to watch the streaming video lectures (see more detailed information about video streaming below).

What if my televised class is video streamed?

Generally all televised courses are also video streamed. To view your video streaming class live on the Internet you must have special permission from your instructor. Archived class lectures are available to any student enrolled in the class approximately two days after the live class. When viewing a live or archived lecture on the Internet you will need RealNetWorks® software (“real media”). On the first day of class, go to the classroom to meet your instructor and receive instructions on how to view your video streamed lectures.

Where do I go to take exams in my distance and distributed education class?

Some courses may require that students come to campus for exams unless prior arrangements have been made with the instructor. Your instructor will present examination policies.

Where do I call for additional information?

You may call the Office of Distance and Distributed Education at (916) 278-7948 if you have other questions.

Note: Because scheduling changes sometimes occur, it is best to refer to for the most up-to-date information.

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