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Two weeks before the start of registration for Fall and Spring semesters, each eligible student will be sent a Registration announcement via the Sac State Messaging System telling you to go to My Sac State to see your Early Registration Appointment. Check your Saclink email often, as campus offices conduct official business by email.


Your Registration Day and time are scheduled in accordance with University priority policy in this order: Veterans, disabled students, retention programs, graduating seniors*, seniors, classified and credential graduates, juniors, sophomores, freshmen, second bachelors, and unclassified graduates. Within each class level, students are scheduled according to total units completed.     

*Graduating seniors must have submitted a graduation application by the deadline. Priority is granted only one time. Second bachelor’s degree candidates are considered unclassified graduates except during the one semester for which they file to receive graduating priority.

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  1. All international students must show proof of health insurance each semester to staff in the Office of Global Education, LSN Hall 2304. Failure to do so will result in a hold on registration.

  2. International students must register for a full-time unit load.


  1. Students who have registered but wish to add, drop, or swap courses.

  2. Undergraduate Students who need to enroll in more than the 15 units available in Early Registration.

  3. Graduate Students who need to enroll in more than the 9 units available in Early registration.

  4. New students admitted after Early Registration.

  5. Students who missed Early Registration.

  6. Students in “space available” programs (ACE, Cross Enrollment) who are not permitted to register before the first day of instruction.

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MAXIMUM UNITS – During Priority Registration you may register for a limited number of units. Whichever of the following numbers is the lowest will control the maximum units you will be allowed to be in:

  • 21 units (Graduating Seniors only);
  • 15 units (all undergraduate students) except for;
  • the maximum units allowed by your counselor (students on academic contracts) or;
  • 14 units (students on Probation and Continued Probation);
  • 9 units (all graduate students including second bachelors

During Late Registration undergraduate students may add up to 21 units unless they are subject to an academic contract limiting them to fewer units. Graduate students may add up to 12 units unless they are subject to an academic contract limiting them to fewer units.  Second Bachelor students may also add up to 12 units unless they are subject to an academic contract limiting them to fewer units. Credential students may add up to 26 units unless they are subject to an academic contract limiting them to fewer units. Students in good standing who wish to petition to carry more than 12 or 21 units may file the Excess Units Petition available on line through the Registrar’s website or Graduate Studies website

HELPLINE – The Registration Helpline (916) 278-8088 is available from 8:00a.m. to 4:00p.m. on weekdays to resolve difficulties which you encounter in registering.

Holds - Registration Holds prevent registration. Clear all registration holds including any outstanding fees prior to your registration day.

IMMUNIZATIONS – All new and readmitted students born after January 1, 1957, are required to show proof of immunity to measles and rubella. Students 18 years and younger are required to show proof of immunization against Hepatitis B. Be prepared to present copies of your immunization records to the Health Center. Verifications of immunity will be requested early in your first semester. Failure to comply with this requirement will prevent you from registering in future semesters.

COURSE RESTRICTIONS – Registration is restricted in some courses based upon a student’s class level and/or major, or score on ELM, EPT, or WPJ. Check course class notes carefully to determine eligibility to register in any course.

PREREQUISITES – Some classes have prerequisites and others may require permission of department or instructor as noted in class notes. If you have not complied with any such requirements but are allowed into a class, you may be asked to leave at the first class meeting. However, you are still responsible for officially dropping the course at My Sac State.

AUDITS – Students may not register for audit via My Sac State. Obtain an approved Add Permit from the instructor to register in a course as an auditor. Submit the Permit to the Registrars Officer, 2000 LSN Hall. All units for which you enroll as an auditor are included in determining the fees that you owe for the semester. No audit registrations are accepted after September 24, 2012 for Fall 2012; and February 22, 2013 for Spring 2013.

WAIT LIST - You may add yourself to a wait list for a class if the class is full. The wait list does not guarantee a seat in the class. You may enroll in up to 9 units on the wait list. You must be eligible to enroll in the class to wait list. The wait list will not override a time conflict with another class. You may check your wait list placement anytime. The My Sac State Messaging System will notify you when you have been enrolled in a wait listed class. The wait list will not be available once classes begin. You may be charged for courses you have wait listed.

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Change of Schedule means adding a course or dropping a course from the schedule you obtained through Early Registration or Late Registration. Once the semester starts the add and drop policy varies among instructors, departments, and colleges. You should check the syllabus or inquire about the policies in each of your courses.

Add Policy
Semester Until Add Deadline Until Census Date After Census Date

Fall 2012

August 27-September 7, 2012

September 10- September 24, 2012

After September 24, 2012

Spring 2013

January 9-24*;
January 28-February 8, 2013

February 11-22, 2013

After February 22, 2013


If there is an opening, you may add online. If the class is full the student may opt to wait list for the class by clicking on the wait list check box. (Some courses will be unavailable for registration until after instruction begins. Obtain an approved Add Permit signed by the instructor and take it to the department office.)

*Last day to wait list a class.

(1) Obtain petition to add from department office.
(2) Complete petition.
(3) Secure instructor approval.
(4) Submit petition to Department Chair. If approved, department staff will add the course.

Adds are not approved unless students present evidence of University error that prevented their timely registration.
(1) Obtain petition to add from department office.
(2) Complete petition and attach documentation of University error.
(3) Secure approvals of instructor, Department Chair, and College Dean.
(4) Submit petition to Registrar’s Office for consideration by the Vice President. A Late Fee of $10 will be collected. Check back with the Registrar’s Office two business days after you submit your petition to learn the decision. If the add is not approved, the fee will be returned to you. If approved, the Registrar’s Office will add the course.

Dropping a Course
Drop courses through the second week of the semester through the Student Center. You don’t need signatures, but you must drop online. There is no such thing as an automatic drop. Instructors have the authority to drop students, but they are not required to do so. Even if your instructor asks you to leave the class, the drop must be entered on My Sac State. Failure to drop a course according to University policy is likely to result in the assignment of a failing grade of “WU” or “F” in that course. If you are uncertain which classes you are enrolled in, log onto My Sac State and check your Student Center or check with the Student Services Counter, LSN Hall, first floor.

About Money: If you have not paid your semester registration fees in full, dropping units or withdrawing from the semester does not cancel the amount you still owe. You should take this fact into consideration in making your decision. If circumstances are such that you must drop anyway, please visit the Student Financial Services Center LSN Hall 1001, (916) 278-6736 to discuss your outstanding fees.

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Until Drop Deadline

Until Census Date

Through Sixth Week
of Semester

After Sixth Week
of Semester

Fall 2012

August 13-23; August 27- September 7, 2012

September 10- September 24, 2012

September 25-October 5, 2012

October 8-November 16, 2012

Spring 2013

January 9-24;
January 28- February 8, 2013

February 11-22, 2013

February 25-March 8, 2013

March 11-April 26, 2013


On My Sac State, drop by selecting the drop button and clicking save. BE CAREFUL! There’s no “undo” feature!

(1) Obtain petition to drop from department office.
(2) Complete petition.
(3) Secure instructor approval on petition.
(4) Submit to Department Chair. If approved, department staff will drop the course.

(1) Obtain petition to drop from department office.
(2) Complete petition. Attach documentation of “serious and compelling” reasons.
(3) Secure instructor approval on petition.
(4) Secure Department Chair approval on petition.
(5) Bring approved petition to the Student Services Counter, LSN Hall, first floor. A “W” grade is recorded for all drops after the Census date.

Drops during this period must be for career-related or medical reasons beyond the control of the student (a student-initiated job change does not qualify).
(1) Obtain petition to drop from department office.
(2) No petitions will be accepted without written verification of career or medical circumstances.
(3) Secure instructor, Department Chair, and College Dean approvals on petition.
(4) If approved, bring petition to the Student Services Counter, LSN Hall, First floor. NO DROPS ACCEPTED AFTER November 16, 2012 for Fall 2012. NO DROPS ACCEPTED AFTER April 26, 2013 for Spring 2013.

Dropping all Classes (Withdrawal from the semester)
Withdrawal from the semester involves a different procedure than dropping an individual course. It is extremely important to withdraw officially if you cannot attend the semester.


ATTENDANCE – Instructors have the right to administratively remove any student who, during the first two weeks of instruction, fails to attend any two class meetings (for courses that meet two or more times a week), or one class meeting (for courses that meet once a week). It is therefore especially important that students contact instructors in advance regarding absences during the add/drop period. However, do not assume instructors will turn in official drops. It is the responsibility of each student to officially drop any scheduled courses he or she is not attending. Failure to do so will result in penalty grades (“WU” or “F”).

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EMAIL, OFFICIAL - Sacramento State will send information, including notices of My Sac State Messages, to your Saclink email address. Check your email messages often.

ENROLLMENT CERTIFICATION – Students who require certification of enrollment may make their requests at the Student Services Counter, LSN Hall, first floor. Official certifications may not be issued by any other campus office nor obtained from the Web. Outside agencies are directed to our service, the National Student Clearinghouse (703) 742-4200 to obtain verification of Sacramento State degrees awarded. Graduation data files are submitted to NSC approximately eight weeks after each semester’s degree conferral date.

GRADUATE STUDENT CONTINUOUS ENROLLMENT – Students are not authorized to enroll for more units of Thesis or Individual Master’s Study than the total number of units approved on the Application for Advancement to Candidacy. If you are a graduate student finishing your thesis, project, or comprehensive examinations, check with your department to see if you need to apply for “Continuous Enrollment.”

GRADUATES – All graduating seniors must file an application for admission with the Office of Graduate Studies if they wish to attend Sacramento State after earning the bachelor’s degree.

NAME CHANGES – Students who have changed their names must (1) file an official notice at the Student Services Counter, LSN Hall, first floor and (2) notify all their instructors if the change occurs after the semester begins. Financial aid applicants must show proof to the Financial Aid Office of their name change through the Social Security Administration.

SENIORS – If you have completed at least 85 units or have two more semesters before graduation, file a graduation application at the Student Services Counter, LSN Hall, first floor.

SPECIAL PROBLEMS, FIELD WORK, THESIS, PROJECT COURSES – Enrollment in these courses is by department permission only. Department approved petition must be filed with the department, no later than September 7, 2012 for Fall 2012; February 8, 2013 for Spring 2013.

VETERANS – All veterans receiving education benefits are required to submit the Veteran’s Information Card (VIC) each semester they register at Sacramento State. If you do not file the VIC, you will not receive education benefits. VIC’s may be obtained at and filed at the Veterans Success Center located in LSN Hall 3003. VAO staff are available to assist in filing requests for benefits. Please call ahead for office hours (916) 278-6733.

“WU” GRADE DELETION POLICY – In the first semester in which you receive one or more WU grades, you may petition to remove the effect from your GPA. Deletion petitions may be submitted any time prior to the award of the degree; none are accepted thereafter. For complete policy, go to


The CSU adopted some new academic regulations also known as EO 1037 which will impact registration for undergraduate students effective Fall 2010 semester. Please review the following information carefully to become familiar with these new policies.


  1. Students may not repeat courses where an "I" grade has been assigned unless the "I" grade has lapsed or a grade of "C-" or lower has been assigned.
  2. Students may not repeat courses where a grade of "C" or higher was previously received unless the course may be taken more than once for credit.
  3. Students will be prevented from enrolling in a course where the grade previously earned is a "C" or better (or Credit).
  4. Students may repeat a maximum of 16 units for grade forgiveness.
  5. Courses taken prior to Fall 2010 will not count towards the 16 units of grade forgiveness.
  6. Students may repeat individual course for grade forgiveness no more than two times without review and written approval by your academic advisor and department chair.
  7. Students may repeat an additional 12 units for grade average beyond the 16 units of forgiveness.

The new Repeat Policy is applicable to all undergraduate students and applies only to courses taken at Sacramento State. Once a “C” or higher grade has been received at Sacramento State, students may not repeat the course at another institution for repeat credit.  A Petition for Exception  may be filed only if a grade higher than a “C” is required for completion of major requirements or repetition of a course more than three times is necessary for completion of degree requirements.  Once the 28 unit limit has been reached the Petition for Exception is also required.  Major Advisor and Department Chair approval is required on the Petition for Repeat Exception.


  1. Students may withdraw from courses during the first four weeks of instruction without penalty. Students withdrawing after the semester begins are still subject to pay prorated registration fees. No grade is recorded on the student's transcript for courses dropped during the first four weeks of instruction.
  2. After the census date (fourth week) students may petition to withdraw through the 12th week of instruction. A grade of "W" is recorded on the student's transcript.
  3. Students may withdraw from no more than 18 units in their undergraduate career. Any "W" grades received prior to Fall 2010 semester do count towards the 18 unit maximum.
  4. Withdrawals are not permitted during the last three weeks of the semester except in cases, such as accident or serious illness, where the cause is due to circumstances clearly beyond the student's control and the assignment of an "I" grade is not appropriate.
  5. Withdrawals accepted during the last three weeks of the semester will not count towards the 18 unit limit, however, a grade of "W" is still recorded on the student's transcript.

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