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Student Academic Success and Educational Equity Programs (SASEEP) is a unit within Academic Affairs designed to provide appropriate academic support services for students which will result in the improvement of the retention and graduation rates of diverse student populations. The unit promotes a campus learning environment that encourages and supports all students in persisting toward their educational goal. The SASEEP unit is comprised of the programs noted below.

College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP) is a unique educational program at Sacramento State that helps students from migrant and seasonal farm worker backgrounds to succeed in college. CAMP was established in 1981 and has helped thousands of students accomplish their educational goals. CAMP offers students pre-college transition and first-year assistance.
Program Director: Viridiana Diaz; Riverfront Center 1; (916) 278-7241;

The College Based Educational Equity Programs (CBEEP) are designed to help retain and graduate students in the colleges at Sacramento State. Specialized retention programs are offered through the Adjunct Program, the Business Educational Equity Program, the College of Education, the MESA Engineering Program (MEP), the College of Health and Human Services, the Science Educational Equity Program (SEE), the Cooper Woodson Program, the American Indian Summer Institute, and University Outreach Services (CMIH).
Associate Vice President: Dr. Marcellene Watson-Derbigny; Lassen Hall 2205; (916) 278-6183;

Adjunct Program: Shelagh Nugent; (916) 278-6725
Business Educational Equity Program: Bonnie Burnell; (916) 278-5875
Education Equity Program: Adriana Echandia; (916) 278-4324
MESA Engineering & Computer Science Program: Jaime White; (916) 278-6699
College of Health and Human Services: Dr. Robin Carter; (916) 278-7255
Science Educational Equity Program: Enid Gonzalez & Pam King; (916) 278-6519
Cooper Woodson College Enhancement Program: Dr. Boatamo Mosupyoe; (916) 278-5363
American Indian Summer Institute: Ricardo Torres; (916) 278-7819
College Making It Happen: Doris Tormes; (916) 278-5610

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Early Assessment Program (EAP) is a collaborative effort among the California State University (CSU) system, the California Department of Education (CDE), and the California State Board of Education (SBE) to provide assessment services in the high school sector. The goal of this partnership is to ensure that college-bound high school graduates have the English and mathematics skills expected by CSU campuses.

It is the first statewide program in the United States that attempts to bring together the level of academic work achieved by high school students with the level of work expected by incoming students within a comprehensive university system.

Note: This is an affiliated SASEEP program.
Program Director: Dr. Joy L. Salvetti; Lassen Hall 3014; (916) 278-3643;

Educational Opportunity Programs (EOP) is designed to serve California residents from low-income households who demonstrate the motivation and potential to earn a baccalaureate degree. EOP students are individuals who have the potential to succeed at Sacramento State, but have not been able to realize their goal for a higher education because of her/his economic and/or educational background. The program works with students to provide academic support services, tutoring, counseling, and academic advising.
Program Director: Dr. Marcellene Watson-Derbigny; Lassen Hall 2205; (916) 278-6183;

Faculty Student Mentor Program (FSMP) is designed to offer academic and personal support to students from traditionally low-income communities. Faculty and peer mentors are key elements to helping students reach their goals. To this end, faculty and peer mentors from the respective Colleges assist the students in integrating into campus life and assist their development as scholars in their academic major.
Program Coordinator: Marie Torregrosa; Lassen Hall 2205; (916) 278-7305;

The Guardian Scholars Program (GSP) is designed to assist former foster youth reach their academic goals at Sacramento State. The program provides a campus-based program with an integrated system of services, including financial support, internships, counseling services, community referrals, tutoring, advising, and intensive support through a faculty mentor.

Note: This is an affiliated SASEEP program.
Program Director: Dr. Joy L. Salvetti; Lassen Hall 3014; (916) 278-3643;

Services to Students with Disabilities (SSWD) offers a wide range of support services and accommodations to students in order to ensure equal access and opportunity to pursue their educational goals. Services and accommodations are provided to students with visual, hearing, mobility impairments, specific learning disabilities, psychiatric disorders, and other types of disabilities.
Program Co-directors: Judy Dean and Melissa Repa; Lassen Hall 1008; (916) 278-6955;;

Peer and Academic Resource Center (PARC) The Center’s mission is to create a home base of support in which students are united for a common cause of excellence and student success. Services of the Center are accomplished through peer led and student driven components that work to increase course passage, student retention, build on academic support services, and rates to graduation. The PARC includes supplemental instruction offerings, a university peer advising program, individual and group tutoring, specialized workshops, and services to support students at the junior and senior class levels.
Program Director: Shelagh Nugent; Lassen 2200; (916) 278-6740;

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