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Sac State Scheduler

Please note:

For more detailed information regarding Unit Caps, go to the Registrar's website

Class Scheduling couldn't be any simpler.

Sac State Scheduler is an easy to use, web-based class scheduling tool that helps students to quickly schedule classes and other important activities. When accessing the class scheduling website, students will be able to do the following:

  • Search for and select courses they are interested in taking during the next term.
  • Create custom daily brea
  • ks for times they do not want to take classes. 
  • Generate and view all possible schedule combinations given the selected courses and requested break times.
  • Lock in a particular section(s) they prefer and re-generate a list of only those schedules that contain the locked section(s). Note: "Lock in” feature does not guarantee the preferred section. Students must still enroll through MySacState.
  • Create a printable list of section registration numbers for the courses in which they would like to enroll.  These numbers can be cut and pasted or typed into the student registration screens within MySacState.
Start Sac State Scheduler

Note: Courses without assigned data and time (e.g., TBA) will not be included in Sac State Scheduler.

Browsers Supported: Internet Explorer Internet Explorer 6 (or higher), Firefox Firefox 1.5 (or higher), Safari Safari 2.0 (or higher)

For technical assistance, please contact the IRT Service Desk

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