Dr. Manuel Barajas

Immigration: The fence, the fines and how the melting pot became so punitive


The Xaripu Community across Borders: Labor Migration, Community, and Family

Notre Dame Press calls Dr. Barajas's book path-breaking: "... Manuel Barajas presents the first cross-national, comparative study to examine a Mexican-origin community's experience with international migration and transnationalism... [He] elaborates how various forms of colonialism, institutional biases, and emergent forms of domination have shaped Xaripu labor migration, community formation, and family experiences across the Mexican/ U.S. border for over a century. Of special interest are Barajas's formal and informal interviews within the community, his examination of oral histories, and his participant observation in several locations." 

Awarded Honorable Mention, 2011 Distinguished Book Award Committee, American Sociological Association Sociology of Latino/a Section



Wednesday, November 4, 2009

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