"The City of Photographers" 
La ciudad de los fotógrafos

Wendesday, November 14, 2007
2 p.m.
Redwood Room, University Union

Sebastián Moreno
2006, 80 Mins., Chile 
Feature Documentary

About the film:

In the 1980s under Augusto Pinochet's regime in Chile, a small group of independent photographers took to the streets and documented the atrocities, the violence and the riots going on around them. While Pinochet's army had guns, the photographers had an equally dangerous weapon: their cameras. The act of taking a photograph became an expression of freedom. When they were published in Chile and abroad, the photographers' shocking images of terror became their potent contribution to revolution. Among the fearless band of photographers in Santiago was filmmaker Sebastián Moreno's father. His testimony in words and pictures is laid out in this film alongside contributions from his colleagues and archival footage which brings the images of the past to life. The photographers' black and white pictures serve as their legacy: an unfading reminder of the horrors of a brutal dictatorship and of the courageous spirit of a group of artists. A tribute to “ 30 years of Chileans in Exile.”