Kristen Monroe, UC Irvine

What Explains Altruism?

What Explains Altruism?

About Kristen Monroe:

Kristen Monroe, Professor of Philosophy and Political Science, is author or editor of ten books, including two award-winning books on altruism and moral choice. The Heart of Altruism: Perceptions of a Common Humanity won the 1997 Best Book Award, from the American Political Science Association’s Section on Political Psychology, and was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. The Hand of Compassion: Portraits of Moral Choice during the Holocaust won the American Political Science Association’s 2005 Robert Lane Award and an Honorable Mention for the APSA’s Giovanni Sartori Award and was a National Book Award Nominee. Trained as a political scientist and political economist at the University of Chicago, Monroe was one of the first Rockefeller Fellows in Human Values at Princeton, where she worked with psychologists and philosophers concerned with ethics. Former Vice President of the American Political Science Association and President of its section on Political Psychology, she is the President-Elect of the International Society of Political Psychology and a member of the Board of the European Society for Political Psychology. Her most recent volume is the forthcoming Stem Cell Research: Science, Religion, Ethics and Politics in Debate, with Ron Miller and Jerry Tobis. She has just completed a book on gender equality in academia, Cracking the Glass Ceiling, with Amy Alexander and is currently working on a book explaining the moral psychology of rescuers, bystanders and perpetrators of ethnic violence during the Holocaust.

Dr. Monroe is appearing through a grant from the Visiting Scholars program.

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