Gary Segura, Stanford University 
Serna Center Seminar Series

Latino Political Mobilization 

Latino Political Mobilization

Gary Segura received his Ph.D. in American Politics and Political Philosophy from the University of Illinois in 1992, and previously taught at the University of California, Davis, Claremont Graduate University, and the University of Iowa. His work focuses on issues of political representation, and currently is focusing on the accessibility of government and politics to America’s growing Latino minority, as well as a book-length project on the links between casualties in international conflict and domestic politics. He is also serving as the co-Principal Investigator of the Latino National Survey, a national poll of 8600 Latino residents of the United States being conducted in the fall and winter of 2005-2006.

Among his most recent publications are “The Mobilizing Effect of Majority-Minority Districts on Latino Turnout” in the American Political Science Review (2004), “War Casualties, Policy Positions, and the Fate of Legislators” in Political Research Quarterly (2004), “Racial/Ethnic Group Attitudes Toward Environmental Protection in California: Is “Environmentalism” Still a White Phenomenon?" in Political Research Quarterly (2005), and the edited volume Diversity In Democracy: Minority Representation in the United States, published in 2005 by the University of Virginia Press. Among his forthcoming publications are "Earth Quakes and After Shocks: Race, Direct Democracy, and Partisan Change," in the American Journal of Political Science “Culture Clash? Contesting Notions of American Identity and the Effects of Latin American Immigration,” in Perspectives on Politics and “Explaining the Latino Vote: Issue Voting among Latinos in the 2000 Presidential Election,” in the Political Research Quarterly, all of which are scheduled to appear in 2006. Earlier research has appeared in the Journal of Politics, Political Behavior, Legislative Studies Quarterly, Social Science Quarterly, the National Civic Review, the Harvard Journal of Hispanic Policy, the Journal of Conflict Resolution, and Rationality and Society, and his work has, on three occasions, been funded by the National Science Foundation.

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