Dr. Manuel Barajas

Dr. Manuel Barajas

Professor of Sociology


Manuel Barajas, interim director of the Serna Center and professor of sociology at California State University-Sacramento, specializes in migration studies, Chicana/o studies, and race, gender, and class inequality.  He is author of The Xaripu Community across Borders: Labor Migration, Community, and Family (Notre Dame University Press) that received the 2011 Distinguished Book Award Honorable Mention from the Latino Section, American Sociological Association.  His recent publications include (2013) “Colonial Dislocations and Incorporation of Indigenous Migrants from Mexico to the United States; (2013) “Weaving Testimonies of the San Joaquin Valley Fields, Community and Higher Education…”;  (2013) “Mexican-origin Immigration to the United States: A Historical and Intersectional Perspective”; (2012) “A Comparative Analysis of Mexican- and European-origin Migration and Incorporation to the United States; (co-author Nadeen Ruiz) “Multiple Perspectives on the Schooling of Mexican Indigenous Students in the U.S…”; and (2011) “Challenging Barriers to Higher Education,” among others.

Dr. Barajas is active in community service in scholarly, university, and civic communities.  He was elected to the Publications Committee for the Pacific Sociological Association; served in the Book Award Committee for the Latino Section and in the Article Award Committee for the Race, Gender & Class Section of the American Sociological Association.  At the university he has served as Interim Director for the Serna Center; mentored students for the McNairs Scholars Program; founded the Mentorship of Undergraduate Research and Advocacy on Latino Equity and Studies (MURALES); served as the co-chair for the Committee on Diversity and Equity of the Faculty Senate; and elected to the Chican@/Latin@ Faculty and Staff Association.  In the community,  he was invited to testify in support of SB 993 (Bracero program curriculum for secondary schools);  participated in the state capitol hearing on AB1544 (guest worker bill); served as vice president for the Board of Directors of Glenn Wood West Association; provided interviews to Swedish Public Television on Mexican migration and to Univision’s Voz y Voto on the topics of Latinos and acculturation, migration and nativism, and the state of higher education; volunteered and taught free summer course on Chican@s in contemporary society for Sol Collective; have given community talks to MesoAmerican Indigenous Languages & Peoples and Purepecha Project, unions, Association of Raza Educators, and community centers/colleges/universities, among other places.  

Dr. Manuel Barajas enjoys working with students and the community, and believes in producing knowledge/advocacy that makes a difference in improving the lives of all marginalized communities.  His service to the Serna Center is rooted to its mission of advancing social justice and connecting knowledge with action that makes a difference in society.