Competitive and Recreation Clubs

erikaThe Sport Clubs Program consists of 15 competitive clubs and 15 recreational clubs. Each club is developed, organized, and led by students with guidance and direction from the Sport Clubs Advisor, Sport Club Student Assistants, and club coaches and instructors. The emphasis for sport club activities is leadership and student development. Sport clubs offer students the opportunity to develop athletic skills, managerial skills, and provide an outstanding forum for enhancing student leadership skills. Each club’s success is determined by the combined efforts and productivity of the student athletes.  

Competitive clubs practice multiple times per week and compete against other universities in leagues, tournaments, and competitions at the local, regional, and national level. Both novices and highly experienced athletes are actively recruited. Recreational clubs meet on a weekly basis, host local and regional events, and occasionally enter competitions independently of Sacramento State.

Below is a list of the competitive clubs and recreational clubs that are currently recognized on campus:

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