SO&L Student Assistants

charrise Charisse

As a fourth year Senior Student Assistant, she is majoring in Family and Consumer Science (FACS) with a concentration in Family Studies, in addition to minoring in Teacher Education. Charisse stays involved with students as she is an Orientation Leader and a First Year Experience Peer Mentor – in addition to being an Honors Student, a part of the Student Alumni Association, Family Studies Student Club, and even a founding member of Zeta Sigma Chi Multicultural Sorority, Inc. There are many aspects of Sac State that Charisse enjoys, but the one that stands out the most to her are the networking opportunities as it prepares her for life after college. She is also an expert with Pinterest and crafting!

You can reach Charisse at:
david David

David has been an active member of the Sac State community for a few years now. He is a third year Junior studying Mathematics with a minor in Statistics and a concetration in Education. David has been the President of the Wrestling club and the Fit club and currently participates as an athlete on the Men's Rugby Club. His favorite part of Sac State is campus recreation and how much the school pushes to breed student leaders. He looks forward to pursuing a career in campus recreation or High School education. If you have any questions about student run Sport or Recreation Clubs, he's your man.

You can reach David at:
kevin Kevin

Kevin, a graduating fourth-year senior majoring in Communication Studies with an emphasis in Interpersonal and Small Group Communication. He is actively involved in all things sports-related. Kevin was the President of the Racquetball Club last year and he remains an active member of Racquetball Club as well as the Ultimate Club. The thing Kevin loves most about Sac State is that it's so diverse and he also enjoys the trees and squirrels.

You can reach Kevin at:
macie Macie

Macie is a Sophomore here at Sac State who is currently majoring in Psychology. Like the rest of our wonderful Student Assistant team, she is very involved on campus as she takes part with the Leadership Initiative, is an AAPI ambassador, and a part of the Asian American Studies Club! The people and support system on campus is what Macie likes most about Sac State. She believes that the environment here fosters academic success as well as opportunities to create long lasting friendships. You can ask Macie about nutrition, health, food, and especially volleyball!

You can reach Macie at:
sean Sean

Sean is a the Media Specialist for Full Circle Project, and a Sophomore here at Sac state. He is currently majoring in Film and minor in Animation. Sean has been a part of the non profit organization Sinag-Tala Theater and Performing Arts Association for 4 years, where he has been teaching the filipino cultural dance, tinikling, to all ages. His favorite things about Sac State are the opportunities and resources offered to students and all the wonderful people around Sac State. Sean passions are dancing, drawing, filmmaking, spending time with friends and family, and making people laugh.

You can reach Sean at:
stacy Stacy

One of our Sport Clubs Student Assistants is Stacy, a third year Sophomore. She is a Business major and is interested in Finance, Sports Marketing, or Management as her area of focus! Stacy was and is very involved on campus, once holding the titles of President and Vice President of the Wrestling Club. She also used to be the Vice President of the Sport Clubs Council! Now, Stacy is a part of the Sac State Expansion Committee! What she loves most about Sac State is that it competes nationally in wrestling. Aside from wrestling, you can also talk to Stacy about local theater, Halo, and Call of Duty. She is also an active “Chivette!”

You can reach Stacy at:
vilai Vilai

Vilai is a Program Assistant for the Full Circle Project and a Leadership Initiative Student Assistant. Her name is Thai but her ethnicity is Hmong. Vilai is first generation and currently a first year Graduate student in the Master of Social Work program.  She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Work in Spring 2014. Vilai has worked with the ASI Children Center and as an Orientation Leader. She served as a student coordinator in the 1st Asian and Pacific Islander American Senior Success Recognition in Spring 2014. What she enjoys most are the interactions with people she meets and  making long lasting friendships. On her free time, Vilai enjoys spending time with family, friends, coworkers, hiking, shopping and watching Friends on Netflix.

You can reach Vilai at: