SO&L Student Assistants



Alejandra is a Biological Sciences major with a concentration in Biomedical and a minor in chemistry. She has been an active volunteer in the community, especially for the VITAS hospice and Sutter hospital. She is planning to attend medical school after she graduates and hoping to become a pediatrician. She is currently the Vice-President of the American Medical Student Association (AMSA) club and the President of the Women’s Soccer Club. She is eager and loves being involved so if you have any questions, feel free to contact her.

You can reach Alejandra at:



Angela is in her third year at Sacramento State. She is a first-generation college student and a daughter of Filipino immigrants. She is a proud student member and student staff of the Full Circle Project. A quote that resonates in her heart is by author and psychiatrist David Viscott in which he said: "The purpose of life is to discover your gift; the meaning of life is to give your gift away." She expresses a strong love for education and hopes to one day become an educator herself. She currently plans to major in Ethnic Studies with a concentration in Asian American Studies. She holds a position as Vice President of the Council of Asian Pacific Islander Americans, otherwise known as CAPIA. What attracted her to Sacramento State is the diversity of its people and programs. During her spare time, she loves to sing at the top of her lungs, dance and jam in her room, and go on spontaneous adventures. 

You can reach Angela at:



David has been an active member of the Sac State community for a few years now. He is a third year Junior studying Mathematics with a minor in Statistics and a concetration in Education. David has been the President of the Wrestling club and the Fit club and currently participates as an athlete on the Men's Rugby Club. His favorite part of Sac State is campus recreation and how much the school pushes to breed student leaders. He looks forward to pursuing a career in campus recreation or High School education. If you have any questions about student run Sport or Recreation Clubs, he's your man.

You can reach David at:



Diana is a Junior majoring in Criminal Justice. She is heavily involved in Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC),is a Community Service Officer (CSO) as well as part of our SOAL team. She also used to be president of Silver Wings.  What attracted her to Sac State was the diverse culture and high energetic atmosphere. Diana loves to go hiking, kayaking, surfing and spend her free time outside exploring.

You can reach Diana at:



Salutations!  Houa is a third year at the beautiful green and gold Sacramento State.  She had been admitted to the impacted Psychology major and plans to continue to graduate school to pursue her career in Student Affairs/Higher Ed or marketing.  In order to gain as much experience on campus: she was a First Year Experience Peer Mentor during the Fall of 2014 and she was an officer for a student organization for Full Circle Project Student Association.  Currently, she is a Lead Mentor for the Full Circle Project Mentor/Mentee program, she’s in the NAPSA Fellowship for undergraduates interested in Student Affairs, and earning her last certificate in the Leader Initiative program.  What she enjoys the most about Sac State is the university’s diversity of students and organizations because it allow her to see the variety of cultures in Sacramento with an whole new perspective.  Her favorite hobbies are sketching, reading Sci-Fi/Adventure/Thriller books, read Naruto, and watch psychological movies like Inception.  One piece of advice she would give to a student would be from Abraham Lincoln:  “Let no feeling of discouragement prey upon you, and in the end you are surely to succeed

You can reach Houa at:



Jackie is one of our Sport Club Student Assistants and is a junior majoring in Communications with a minor in Marketing. Jackie is very involved with sports on campus both through Green Army and Sport Clubs. Jackie is President of the Women’s Volleyball Club and the Secretary of Sport Club Council. There are many things that Jackie loves about Sac State, but one thing she loves the most is all of the amazing friends and mentors she has met through her involvement on campus.

You can reach Jackie at:



Justice is a third year here at Sac State who was happily admitted to the impacted Psychology program in Fall 2015. She is an active member of hornet life, being the president of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at Sac State as well as the president and team captain of the Swarm Quidditch Club at Sac State. After receiving her bachelor’s degree, Justice hopes to pursue a career working with either youth outreach or homeless outreach, both of which she has been doing already for a number of years. Justice’s hobbies include creative writing, quidditch, cosplay, video games, doing crafts and playing the drums and she can usually be found doing these when not in class or in the SO&L office. Something that Justice has learned from her time at Sac State has been that sometimes, it’s best to just go with the flow and hope for the best. A piece of advice that Justice has for her fellow students is to take a moment in your time of busyness and appreciate the beauty of our lovely campus.

You can reach Justice at:



Logan is our Greek Life Student Assistant as well as a Senior majoring in Mechanical Engineering. He has been very involved during his time at Sac State and has served the CSUS student body in various ways. He spent a year-and-a-half as the elected ASI Director of Engineering and Computer Science (ECS) during which time he rebuilt the ECS Joint Council, served as its Executive Vice President, and even sat on the ECS Dean Search Committee that selected Dean Lorenzo Smith. Over this time he also served on 5 CSUS committees as a student representative working towards helping the student voice be heard. Logan has served his Fraternity, Delta Chi, as the Treasurer (2014) and, more recently, as the President (2015). During his time as a Greek he has also served as both the IFC Delegate for Delta Chi and as the IFC VP of Finance. Aside from his involvement with social Greek Organizations Logan has also been involved with Academic Greek-lettered Organizations such as Delta Epsilon Iota and Tau Beta Pi. His wide involvement within the Greek Community here at Sac State has given him a strong love for this community and his peers. He is proud to be the Greek Life student assistant and is excited to gain more experience and insight into how the Greek community operates in an administrative aspect before he graduates this spring.

You can reach Logan at:



Macie is a Sophomore here at Sac State who is currently majoring in Psychology. Like the rest of our wonderful Student Assistant team, she is very involved on campus as she takes part with the Leadership Initiative, is an AAPI ambassador, and a part of the Asian American Studies Club! The people and support system on campus is what Macie likes most about Sac State. She believes that the environment here fosters academic success as well as opportunities to create long lasting friendships. You can ask Macie about nutrition, health, food, and especially volleyball!

You can reach Macie at:



Sean is a the Media Specialist for Full Circle Project, and a third year at Sac state. He is currently majoring in Film and minoring in Animation. Sean is currently involved for the Council of Asian Pacific Islander American Students. He was a part of the non-profit organization Sinag-Tala Theater and Performing Arts Association for 4 years. His favorite things about Sac State are the opportunities and resources offered to students and all the wonderful people around Sac State. Sean’s passions include dancing, drawing, film making, spending time with friends and family, and making people laugh.

You can reach Sean at:



One of our Sport Clubs Student Assistants is Stacy, a third year Sophomore. She is a Business major and is interested in Finance, Sports Marketing, or Management as her area of focus! Stacy was and is very involved on campus, once holding the titles of President and Vice President of the Wrestling Club. She also used to be the Vice President of the Sport Clubs Council! Now, Stacy is a part of the Sac State Expansion Committee! What she loves most about Sac State is that it competes nationally in wrestling. Aside from wrestling, you can also talk to Stacy about local theater, Halo, and Call of Duty. She is also an active “Chivette!”

You can reach Stacy at:



Susie is a second year student majoring in Recreation, Parks, & Tourism Administration (RPTA). Her concentration is Commercial Recreation. You may also see her during the summer giving campus tours, because she is also an Orientation Leader. Susie has also obtained her Green & Gold Certificate for Leadership Initiative, and is working towards receiving her Hornet Pride Certificate. There are so many things Susie loves about Sac State, but one of them is how beautiful the campus looks throughout all of the seasons. Sitting outside of Starbucks and watching the little squirrels beg for food is something Susie often enjoys doing on campus. In addition, she also enjoys taking part of some of the awesome events The University puts on. A piece of advice Susie would like to share is to always look for help on campus if you find yourself struggling. There are so many amazing resources throughout campus that are willing to help whether it be academic or personal.  Another piece of advice that can completely change your college experience is to Get Involved!

You can reach Susie at:



Thu is junior majoring in Social Work. You'll see Thu here in SO&L and also when she is working as a supervisor at the Buzz. She enjoys poetry, any sports, boarding,watching  Netflix. Thu believes that the absence of achievements only leaves room for improvement. You are an arrow. Pulled back in life just to shoot forward. The thing she likes the most about Sac State is the ample amounts of organizations and support. She also enjoys sleeping in the terminal lounge on the 2nd floor of the Union.

You can reach Thu at:



Yoon is a Program Assistant for the Full Circle Project (FCP) and a Leadership Initiative Student Assistant. He is also a FCP student of the second cohort, and a junior at Sacramento State. Yoon is majoring in Psychology and a double minor in Deaf Studies and Asian American studies. Not only does Yoon work for SOAL and FCP, he also works at the WELL’s Rock Climbing Wall, so be sure to visit him and reach new heights! Aside from school and work, he enjoys cooking, eating, adventures, being active in various sports, and laughing. In terms of his career, Yoon aspires to become an Academic Career Counselor for college students so he can help them find a job that they are passionate about.

You can reach Yoon at: