Students of sociology are always encouraged to gain practical experience while they are enrolled in the program at CSU Sacramento. Involvement in the internship program is an excellent way to explore the real world of sociology outside of the classroom. Many students already work in a related field and can gain university credit through organized documentation of their experience. Others consult with the Internship Coordinator and find a setting suitable to the student's desired sociological emphasis. We always have more internships than we have student interns, so finding an internship that will facilitate students' educational goals is rarely a problem.

Internship opportunities for Sociology majors are numerous and diverse.  Some examples of available internships include:  the Criminal Justice System (CA Youth Authority Parole and Reception Center; District Attorney's Office; Friends Outside), Youth Groups (Child Abuse Council, Diogenes), Women's Programs (WEAVE, Commission on the Status of Women), Community Organizations (Sacramento County Planning, Human Rights and Fair Housing), Research Opportunities (March of Dimes, Community Service Planning Council, etc.)  We have resource materials available for review in the department office.

To enroll in an internship, please contact the Internship Coordinator, Dr. Charles Varano (  

Sociology Internship syllabus: SOC 195/295 Syllabus