Current Students

Given that sociology is the study of social life, why not engage with the life that is all around you? Put sociology into action by taking part in your department, your campus, and your community. The Sociology internship program can give you academic credit for volunteer work in the communities of the greater Sacramento region. 

The Sociology faculty are perpetually implementing ideas for new courses. Check the current class schedule for this semester's course. 

The AKD Sociology Club is a place to gather and discuss sociology, or just to enjoy the company of like-minded people. Anthropon Katamanthanein Diakonesein: "To investigate humanity for the purpose of service." Alpha Kappa Delta Membership Application Form

Alumni and Friends

Tell us what you're up to! We want to know what your accomplishments are, what job you have, what honors you've been awarded, and we want to keep you in touch with other alums and present students. Fill out this quick web form to let us know where you're at.

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Alumni Activities and Accomplishments

  • Research Associate with Walter R. McDonald and Associates, Inc. (WMRA)- Mary Jo Ortiz
  • Regional Manager, Employee Services, Comcast Cable- Nancy Vargas
  • Program Coordinator, Department of Health Services, State Office of AIDS- Toni Post
  • Associate Budget Analyst: California Department of Parks and Recreation- Jason Summers
  • Mother, and Junior High School Teacher- Stephanie Pothier Johnson

Professional Accomplishments and Honors

  • Special recognition for my work on the Governor's Business Portal- 2001- Jason Summers
  • Sacramento District Outstanding Performance Award, US Army Corp of Engineers, 1987- Debra (Skeen) Mullins
  • Published articles on Child Welfare, Homelessness, and Social Indicator Issues- Mary Jo Ortiz
  • Project Manager for the development and implementation of the Department of Financial Institutions strategic plan- Jason Summers
  • Helping to develop, organize and run the Criminal Justice Advising Center- Debra (Skeen) Mullins

What I learned from studying Sociology at CSUS

"NEVER EVER take polls seriously.. there are always someone manipulating the numbers somewhere behind the scenes."- Stephanie Pothier Johnson 

"The most important thing that I learned during my studies with the sociology department was the use of statistical analysis software and statistical analysis techniques. In the area of government in which I work, which is moving towards performance measures and performance budgeting, statistical data analysis is key."- Jason Summers 

"To be inquisitive."- Mary Jo Ortiz