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Social Science

Social Science Program

Director: Tim Fong

Staff: Debbie James

Student Support: Jeanie Yang

Lassen Hall 2008
916 278-6207
916 278-6062 fax

Office Hours: Mon-Fri, 8-5


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The Social Science major is an interdisciplinary program that includes the Departments of AnthropologyEconomicsEthnic StudiesGeographyGovernmentHistory, and Sociology.

The Social Science major provides an opportunity for students to build on the foundation of their general education and become familiar with several areas in the Social Sciences. A Social Science major is excellent background for advanced graduate studies and professional careers.

Graduates of the Social Science program have distinguished leadership careers in government, politics, business, education, law, media, community organizations, and military service. Several Social Science majors have been inducted in the College of Social Science and Interdisciplinary Studies Academy of Distinction and Honor.

The Social Science program is designed to serve as a major for the bachelor's degree and to provide subject matter preparation for students who intend to become Middle and High School Social Science teachers. To qualify for a teaching credential, candidates must complete an approved Professional Education Program and other requirements as specified by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing.

NOTE: The Social Science program involves course work in several departments. As a result, special rules on overlapping with general education apply to the program and regularly scheduled meetings with an advisor are essential to the efficient completion of the program. We look forward to your enrollment at Sac State and having you as a Social Science major!