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Welcome to the Student Services Center

This is your "One Stop Shop" for services and information for current Sac State students. We are available, in person, in the lobby of Lassen Hall (first floor) or you may be able to find the information you seek on this website.  We are here to answer your questions, provide you with information and guidance, such as:

  • Transcripts - how to request official and unofficial, incoming and outgoing.
  • Transfer Credit (from another educational institution) - Transfer Credit Evaluations, additional credit, getting your transcipt updated.
  • Registration Information - how to register, when to register, adding and dropping courses.
  • Registration Fees - When to pay, how much to pay and where/how to pay.
  • Holds on Academic Record - what kinds there are, how to get rid of them.
  • Update/Maintin Student Record - Major change, name change, grade problems, repeating courses, anthing to do with your official record/transcript.
  • Graduation and Degree Evaluations - how to apply to graduate.
  • Financial Aid - general questions.
  • University Policies and Procedures - general questions.

Are the new academic regulations regarding Incompletes, Repeating Courses and Withdrawing for all students?

No, these new regulations are for Undergraduate students only.

When do I have to follow these new regulations?

These are effective Fall 2010. This means that they are in effect beginning with Early Registration for Fall 2010, April 19th.

What if I have an “I”ncomplete grade and the instructor said I had to repeat the course?

You may not register for the course as a "repeat" to fulfill the conditions of an Incomplete. Please talk with the instructor to work out how best to complete the course without repeating the course.

Once I receive a grade in a course and the grade is a "C”, may I repeat the course to try and get a higher grade?

No, courses may not be repeated if you earn a grade of “C” or higher. You may repeat a course if you received a grade of “C-“ or lower, including NC – No Credit and “WU” - Withdrawal Unauthorized.