SSIS Colloquium

SSIS Faculty Colloquia:

To promote scholarly interdisciplinary exchanges between faculty in the College of Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies. Presentations are designed to be of interest to faculty and students.

Spring 2011

Topic: Truth, Lies, & Deception (Flyer)

Spring 2009

Topic: The Obama Effect: Prospects and Challenges for Change in the U.S. and Beyond (Flyer)

Spring 2008

Topic: When is Extremism Necessary?

Spring 2007

Department: Psychology
Topic: The Anatomy of Romantic Relationships

Spring 2006

Department: Economics
Topic: Long-term Fiscal Health

Spring 2005

Department: Ethnic Studies
Topic: Building Innovative Community Partnerships: The Ethnic Studies Model

Fall 2004

Department: Environmental Studies
Topic: Environmental Impacts of Infrastructure Demands

Spring 2004

Department: Economics
Topic: Economic Eye for the Lay Guy: A Total Makeover of Your Economic Perspective

Fall 2003

Department: Anthropology
Topic: Got Culture?

Spring 2003

Department: Women's Studies
Topic: A Feminist Response to the War on Terrorism

Fall 2002

Department: Sociology
Topic: Capital Punishment: Contemporary Problems and Future Directions

Spring 2002

Department: Government
Topic: United States Foreign Policy in the New Millennium: Directions and Challenges